Sunday, April 22, 2012

super secret birthday project!

So, my friend Sarah from Saturday Sequins had a birthday yesterday. In my homemade gifts excitement, I decided to make her a mini quilt to celebrate the occasion! Never mind that I'd never made a mini quilt. I certainly wasn't going to let that stop me!

I think the hardest part was deciding on the quilt blocks. Since it was so much smaller than the quilts I usually make, I wanted blocks with lots of punch. I kept rejecting ideas I saw until I saw an awesome mini quilt on bijou lovely. It's called the Kaleidoscope Mini Quilt, and while it features a super fun pinwheel, if you flip the blocks another way, you'll find yourself with a wonky star. LOVED it=had to do it!

And BAM! I ended up with this lovely.

I like it so much, I find I need one for myself!

But first, I should probably finish quilting my own pinwheel quilt. I'm maybe two-thirds done? My binding is all prepped--I'd like to have her done...maybe by next Sunday?


  1. You chose the perfect pattern and colors for my present! It's on the tan couch as I type this, so I can look at it and get mushy whenever I want. :)

    Thanks again!


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