Monday, April 17, 2017

Block Drive

Hey All! I'm popping in real quick to share with you some blocks I made for a block drive that is going on right now. Leanne at Devoted Quilter put out the call, and she requested a super simple block to make scrappy quilts of yum for a group of seniors displaced from their home by a massive fire. Thankfully, all twenty-one residents were evacuated without problem, but they've lost everything. Leanne thought it would be a super sweet to make a quilt for each person, which is a totally awesome and totally MASSIVE undertaking, and I give her mad props for making it happen.

At this point, she has received enough offers for blocks--woohoo!--but she could still use some batting and backing donations if you're feeling like you'd like to help too.

I hope y'all have the most lovely Monday! I'm hoping to cut into some yummy fabric this afternoon, but we'll see if I can make that happen!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Knit Geranium Dress

It is spring here. What this means is that I am spending every available moment outside with my kiddos because I remember last summer and how evil the humidity and heat were, and I want to soak up all of the lovely 65 degree weather while it's around. Family walk on a slightly breezy, overcast day? Yes, please!

I did take a break from outdoors-ing to sew up this Geranium Dress, pattern from Made by Rae. I love this pattern oh-so much, and I knew I wanted to sew up a version for my friend's daughter, my baby BFF. (YES, she is five now, but she'll always be my baby BFF.) But when chatting with my friend about fabric options, we settled on the fact that a knit dress would be way more practical than a woven dress. I was sad because I really wanted to sew up another Geranium, and then, the idea struck. Just how difficult would it be to sew up a version in knits? Could it be done? (Apparel sewists, forgive my ignorance. I am still quite a newbie when it comes to this stuff!)

A quick google search revealed it could be done and better yet, HAD been done. Thank you, Monica of Adirondack Inspired! You gave me the confidence to get this one done. Of course, I could only remember that I had seen a post where it had been done and not the specific details of what that dress entailed. It wasn't until I wrote this blog post that I thought to try and find that post again!

I followed the Geranium pattern and did line the bodice of mine, choosing to finish it off with snaps. Next time, I'll most likely follow Monica's example and neglect the back opening. (Because yes, you better believe there will be a next time!)

This is my first finish from my Q2 FAL list, but I am so excited about it. I went with a super short (for me) list, and knowing that I'm 25% of the way there is really thrilling!

I hope y'all are having a most lovely weekend!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Q2 2017 FAL List

I managed to finish five items from my Q1 list, but all the same, there's still much to be done. (But isn't that always the way it is? And secretly, I LOVE it!)

1. Quilt for Baby P
I started with a pattern from Quilt with Tula and Angela, but it made a left turn and went off in its own direction. I'm cool with it. Need to build on this center and finish off this quilt pronto.

2. Dress for E
Geranium Dress pattern - pulled fabric; I'm going to be attempting a knit version.

3. Dress for ME
I'll be attending a handful of events this summer/fall, and I'd like a new dress for them! I'm using the Felicity Dress pattern with a C+S cotton lawn.

4. 241 Tote for Kim
I'll be making a canvas version of the 241 tote in C+S' Tokyo Train Ride.

Friends,  I usually make a ridiculously long list and enjoy it! But this time, I think I'm going to try something new and go with a really short list! I really need to finish all four of these items this quarter, so I better get to it!

And I'm linking up! Join me?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Stripey Stripe Block Tutorial

Hello Glitterati Royalty! Thanks for joining me for this next stop on the Honey Pot Bee Tour. I'm so excited to share my block with you--the Stripey Stripe Block.

If we haven't met before, my name is Audrey, and I've been quilting for about five years. I'm a homeschooling mama of four kiddos, including a four-month-old baby. As you can probably guess, I am totally in love with hot pink! Because of the aforementioned four kidlets, posting around these parts has been sparse of late, but I'm on instagram a whole bunch!

On to the tutorial!


Fabric A (3) 1.75" x 16" strips
Fabric B (3) 1.75" x 16" strips

Makes (1) 10.5" block.

Step 1
Sew your A and B strips together to form AB pairs.

Step 2
Sew the three AB strips into one panel. This will measure 8" x 16".

I don't use a lot of starch in my sewing adventures, but in this case, I starched my finished panel before moving on to step 3. We're about to slice and dice it and sew up some bias edges, and I found the starch kept everything crisp and neat.

Step 3
Using a rotary cutter, cut the 8" x 16" panel in half to form (2) 8" blocks.

I'm not gonna lie, at this point in the process, I considered just stopping here as I think these blocks are super fun on their own. But this tutorial would've lacked some serious spice, so I pressed on.

Step 4
Take an 8" block and cut a diagonal line down the center. You can use your ruler and rotary cutter and line it up yourself, or you can line up the corners of your block on the oblique line on your cutting mat and use that as your guide.

This will net you two triangles. Repeat with the other block, but make sure to cut them in the same fashion! In the end, you'll have four triangles.

Step 5
Flip your triangles around until your block takes shape, then sew it up! Each 8" block from step 3 will give you a triangle with a long fabric A strip and a long fabric B strip, so be sure to sew them up alternating A and B.

Step 6
Trim to 10.5".

Other Stripey Stripe Versions

Now, there are probably a kajillion ways you could customize this block and call it your own if the style above doesn't suit. My first rendition of this block was a scrappy explosion of color using leftover strips from my Gypsy Wife quilt. Those 1.5" strips were perfect for this.

I sewed and sewed until I had a scrappy panel, then followed the above steps. I found the use of starch particularly helpful with this version.

Some other options would be to use bigger or smaller strips, strips of different sizes, more or less strips. You could use three or six different colored strips. Go wild! Just remember that the width of your block needs to measure half of the length of your block.

That's it! I can't wait to see what y'all crazy talented people come up with!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

SS: Responsible Purchasing.

Oh Friends. I have been SO good lately. I've been buying stuff only when I've absolutely had to, and I've been using my stash, even bits I wanted to hoard instead! But seriously, when you use your stash, you use it. WHO KNEW? And I've depleted a handful of colors. So, when I had the opportunity to visit a super awesome quilt shop after a super awesome brunch with the super awesome Alison of Little Bunny Quilts, I jumped at it!

I have a healthy stash of green, but everything else is starting to run low, so I added this bunch of yum. From left to right: red polka dot from Sevenberry, orange something from Bear Essentials 3 by P&B Textiles, yellow dot without selvage information, Alison Glass Overgrown in Bluebonnet, some purple dot by Windham Fabrics, Timeless Treasures Sketch in Lipstick--had to replenish, I love this fabric!, Alison Glass Overgrown in Amaranth, C+S Add it Up, and the black is Imagine from Another Point of View fabrics.

But I wasn't completely good, though you could argue it would be irresponsible to leave these cuts of Tula Pink's Tabby Road behind. I'm totally in love with the center print, but I picked up some cats and 'Tula' cans--that name makes me laugh out loud EVERY TIME--because they were fun too.


What have you been stashing lately? I'm linking up with Molli Sparkles' Sunday Stash!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Coast to Coast Traveling Bee Quilt 2

I was chatting with my super wise quilting sensei, K, this week about the pendulum swing of self-doubt. And I've got be honest, this week was a doozy of a swing.

This is Susan's quilt for the Coast to Coast Traveling Bee. The thing that stuck out to me on her list was a request for lots of movement. Susan made this gorgeous feather and flying geese ring, and then Alison contributed a glorious batch of ninja stars--ahem, I mean friendship stars!--and I was left pondering, what can I contribute? How can I make this quilt move?

I spent a lot a lot A LOT of time thinking about this. And in case that sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not trying to--this kind of thinking was super invigorating and pleasurable. I was trying to hunt down the perfect addition to this already stunning WIP, and it was fun!

I pulled a stack of rainbow, which was probably the easiest part of this. Early on, I thought half-dresdens might be nice, so I started piecing wedges and when it was obvious they were going to be stunning, I thankfully was a smart girl and pieced one extra for me! (I might already have plans for it.)

And then this idea for arrows formed in my mind, but how to fit them? Why, around the corners, of course! This pattern is by Sew What Sherlock, and I always enjoy how crisp the points turn out.

And when I had pieced all the dresdens and all the arrows, and all I really had to do was fit everything together, I had a major moment of self-doubt. I was convinced it was all terrible and all wrong and horrible and WRONG. I started thinking of other things I could do and would I possibly be able to make them happen before the mailing date? And I was tired because I had felt so sure that the plan I'd had was solid and perfect, and here it was, a massive failure and who's to say the next one wouldn't be quite so horrible? (Admittedly, I can be a *touch* melodramatic at times.)

Except, it wasn't. Not at all. The swing back to confidence started with a good talk with K, who assured me it was great. The photo I took to send to her gave me a different eye. It shrunk down the quilt, and I was able to weigh my concerns using its help. I appliqued down the wedges, and I decided they could stay. I started adding the arrows, still half-convinced they were going to have to go. And slowly, I finished piecing my portion of this quilt.

And friends, I think it looks pretty smokin' awesome! I'm hoping that the next time I face such a moment of self-doubt, I'm able to continue forward because maybe, just maybe, it'll turn out grand.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Baby E's Northern Lights Quilt

You could say I'm a fan of Jaybird Quilts' Northern Lights pattern. You could say that, and you would be right since this is my FOURTH time making this particular quilt! But this is the first time I got to make one for a girl, and I really enjoyed this fabric pull.

I had originally tossed around some other quilt pattern ideas, but I made a Northern Lights quilt for Baby E's cousin, so it seemed fitting that I make one for Baby E too.

And while this is my fourth time making this quilt pattern, it's the first time that I actually did something fun with the quilting, which is kinda shameful, but we'll ignore that. For the first three, I echo quilted the lightning bolts. For this one, I added some FMQ spiky stippling. I purposefully chose Kona Charcoal for the background so that the bobbin thread would be really noticeable and scrumptious.

And here's a better shot of the quilting. I also chose to bind this quilt in Kona Charcoal, which I think lends it a nice frame.

This is my fifth finish from my Q1 FAL list, and my first quilt finish. I have another baby quilt up next to finish, and then NO BABY QUILTS for awhile. Exciting!

Monday, February 27, 2017

H Pillow

I finished up this pillow last week (or maybe the week before that--yikes!) and I'm so happy with its cuteness!

A few years ago, I made an L pillow for one of my sons' friend's birthday. And apparently, Miss L's little sister was so enamored by the pillow that she kept asking when she would be getting her own H pillow.

Her mama contacted me to see if I could knock one of these out for her birthday, and how could I say no? It especially doesn't hurt that Miss H is a serious cutie patootie.

The construction wasn't terribly complicated. I cut a 14.5" square panel out of that fun chevron print I bought ages ago with plans to use it for my niece's quilt. It didn't work out with my plans for my niece, but this is a super awesome use of it! I basted it, and FMQ'd it all together. I almost never stipple, but this seemed like a fun time to use that particular FMQ pattern. After that, I cut out two H's, sewed them together, leaving a space along one of the sides, then turned it right side out. It needed a good press, then I topstitched it down to the panel, using a turquoise thread because I thought it would add a bit of flavor.

The back is an envelope closure, in keeping with the L pillow I made a few years ago.

I'm so excited to pop this in the mail for Miss H! Happy Monday, Friends. I hope your last few days of February are stellar!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Reyna Shawl Finish

I posted this in-progress blocking shot on instagram the other day. This is the Reyna Shawl by Noora Laivola, and it is a very late Christmas present for my Mama. When it was dry, I promptly unpinned it, admired it, tried it on, then packaged it up and posted it. It was supposed to arrive yesterday.

I have NO photos of it, and I am taking solace in the fact that I know I'm not the only one who has been so eager to gift something that they completely forget to snap a photo. In fact, I've done it before, and I'm 99% sure I'll do it again. Still, UGH. Nonetheless, it is finished, and it is the fourth finish off my Q1 FAL 2017 list.

We dropped off friends at the airport this morning after a lovely visit, but now, life must return to normal, and I have laundry, homeschooling, and kidlet affairs to juggle. What does your Tuesday look like?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Coast to Coast Traveling Bee Quilt 1

As I'm piecing these stars for Alison's quilt, my husband asks me why I'm working on a quilt for a person I don't like. And I reply, "Alison is awesome. Why would you think I don't like her?"

And then I start panicking. Does the quilt look like junk? Does he think I've made a mess of Alison's lovely medallion?

Thankfully, no. APPARENTLY, friendship stars look like ninja stars to him, and APPARENTLY he thinks I'm the sort of person to send people death threats in their quilt tops. What a punk. 

So I tell my husband that I'm calling him out on my blog for insinuating that I have violent tendencies, and he starts backtracking. "No!" he says. "Ninja stars are useful tools. You're using them in the quilt to show your friend you've got her back."


Here's the quilt as it stands right now, and I'm pretty excited about it! I'll drop it in the mail this week, and then I get to start work on Susan's!

Friday, February 3, 2017

FF: Northern Lights Quilt #4

You'd think after three iterations, I'd be done with the Northern Lights quilt pattern by Jaybird Quilts, but you would be wrong. I love this quilt pattern. I love each one I've made. And this new one *may* be my favorite one yet. It's the first one I've made for a girl, so the pink solids may have had something to do with it. I've yet to make a prints version--maybe next time?

Colors are: Kona Clementine, Kona Punch, Kona Cerise, Kona Crocus, Kona Purple, and to be honest, I can't remember what the blue is. Kona Caribbean, maybe? I *think* that's it.

The chain piecing began, and it was oh-so much fun working with this attack of color. YUM. I love me some bold, saturated fabric.

AND THESE SEAMS SLAY ME. (In a good way.) I finally FINALLY figured out how to line up the rows to almost always wind up with perfect or near perfect seams. In the past, I've guessed and usually had to rip out 8-10 connections to make them nicer. This time, I only had to rip out one. WOO!

And here's the finished top. I have the backing already, but I realized I don't have batting on hand. So that's ordered, and then hopefully I'll be basting this one and getting it quilted up lickety-split. This quilt is for a baby due in March, but she came really early, and I'd like to have it done soon! Until then, I really need to get moving on another baby quilt, this one for a baby due this month.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sew Together Bag for K

Just in case you haven't had enough Sew Together Bag goodness, here is another one for your viewing pleasure! I made this bag for my quilting sensei K, and I'm kinda in love with it. It is a sign of how much I value our friendship that I sent it along.

I tried to go more demure, but the Audrey in me kept coming out. Even though it's not pink, there is probably no mistaking who made this bag.

I made this one assembly-line style along with the one I made for my friend L, and let me tell you, I got to be a machine when it came to the zippers. This is some of my best zipper work, y'all. Just sayin'.

And the two bags side-by-side. I love both of them! And I'm glad to have two more under my belt. This is finish #3 from my Q1 FAL list, woo!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sew Together Bag for L

BAM! Finish #2 from my Q1 FAL list. If you take into consideration that this is a super late Christmas gift, it's not as impressive of an accomplishment, but I'm going to take the optimistic angle of looking at it and go with super awesome!

This is my third Sew Together Bag, and I'm getting better. I've pretty much figured out how I like to do things at this point, and I went with it. The outside is a scrappy blue QAYG panel. It was fun to use some of my favorite prints in this panel, including my most favorite batik ever. Yes, I used the "b" word, but sometimes batiks are yum!

And the inside is some woodland prints! I had a lot of fun making this, and I hope my friend L can put it to good use.

In a few days, I'll be showing your my fourth Sew Together Bag, woo!


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