Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Felicity Dress in Lawn

Finish #2 from the Q2 FAL is my Felicity Dress in Lawn. I used a Cotton + Steel lawn (I believe the collection was Hatbox?) for my dress, and it was a lesson in making do, let me tell you. But now it's done, and I love my dress!

I originally finished off the neckline, but it didn't sit right, so I had to rip everything out and begin again. It was totally the right call, but ugh.

I didn't have *quite* enough fabric, so I had to use something else for my pockets. This is some sort of Kona solid that is actually a really pale blue. I had it on hand, it was the perfect amount of material, it worked.

And I finished it off with a pink waist sash using the edge of the fabric. I had intended to utilize that pink for the bottom hem, but I didn't have enough fabric to make that work, so sash it is! And really, without the sash, I think the pink at the neck and armholes would look out of place, but with the pink sash, it all comes together.

I've already worn this dress out twice--graduation event and my anniversary dinner!--and I'll get at least one more event out of it this summer alone, so I'm calling this a good finish, even if a white dress is extremely impractical in this household.


  1. This is so cute! I love the pink and aqua together. :)

  2. What an adorable dress! And I'm not just saying that because of its name, I swear. :D (Seriously, I'm not- I didn't see that until I clicked through from the FAL linky!) Maybe I need to make myself one!

  3. I love the dress! It looks like a perfect summer wardrobe piece. Thanks for participating in the FAL!


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