Monday, December 18, 2017

Rainbow Mini Quilt

We'll just gloss over the fact that I've been gone for like three months, mmmkay? Because it essentially boils down to four kids, homeschooling two of them, lots of husband-being-out-of-town, computer problems, Christmas planning, swimming lessons, gymnastics classes, and the occasional sewing. The good news is that I have a healthy backlog of things to share with you, and I'll hopefully have time to get a few posts up, woo!

Like a million years ago, I pieced some half-dresdens for a quilt I made for Susan for the Coast to Coast Traveling Bee. (Spoiler alert: C2C will be starting again soon! Also, just realized I never shared my finished quilt top, which is a total SHAME because it's amazing. Gotta remedy that soon.)

I had planned to make this mini for me. But the farther along I got in the planning process, the more I felt like this would make a super sweet birthday present for my awesome friend, K, soooooo...

I finished it up and sent it her way. I hand quilted this using Aurifil 12 wt. thread with the exception of the white which is a DMC perl cotton. Fabrics were from stash.

Monkeys on the back!


  1. I love it! But you should still make a rainbow Dresden for yourself.

  2. This is glorious and an amazing birthday gift, but I totally agree with Alison; I hope you still make one for yourself. :)


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