Sunday, November 9, 2014

SS: Rayon?

I'm a quilting cotton kind of girl. Linen and voile are a stretch for me. Rayon=total craziness. But I saw it, loved the print and thought, wouldn't that make a really fun shirt? Especially if I kind of sort of color-blocked it with a bright red solid? (Because I know sooooo much about manipulating shirt patterns and what not. Thankfully, there are patterns that do the work for me--thank you Deer and Doe Datura pattern.) But *sigh.* It's going into the closet to crown the ever-growing stack of fabric intended for me-apparel. But one day, oh, one day. I will have time. And the right pattern. And it will be glorious. To the peeps who have sewn with rayon--any tips for me?

Happy Sunday, Friends. 

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