Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Stash.

It has been awhile since I've had a fabric week of this magnitude. A LOT of fabric has arrived at my house this week. But in my defense, most of it is for my newest nephew's quilt. That bean-o will be arriving in late July/early August, so I have a bit a of time, but when I'm going to need several weeks to agonize over whether or not the quilt is going to be genius enough for someone related to me, well, it's going to be a tight squeeze to get it in the mail on time.

Fortunately, I started freaking out over the quilt about five seconds after my sister told me she was pregnant for the second time, so I got some of my worrying and planning out of the way early on, and I've spent the last few weeks awaiting the gender unveiling. The quilt I made for my most adorable niece--she takes after me, of course--is still one of my all-time favorite quilt makes EVER, and I couldn't have my nephew languishing with subpar Audreyness. Years from now, I want him to enter adulthood confident that he is one of the coolest beings ever because how could he not be with a baby quilt like this? (YES, it is that important. Don't try to downplay this! It will effect his FUTURE.) 

The quilt plan I chose required most of this stack. Okay, technically, the top three fabrics are for other things, but doesn't that stack look super sweet?

My first dive into the Architextures world with four of the cross-hatch prints. Poppy, Curry, and whatever creative names they're using to refer to White and Black these days.

Another first, these two are my Essex Linen purchases. Chambray and Indigo, and I'm pretty much sold on using them for my Tula Pink CS quilt top. You know, when I find some free time to layout the kajillion blocks and sash them together. Until then, they will look pretty in my stash and remind me of exciting future events.

Ah, Kona. I never knew I would fall so hard for solids. Yet, here I am, in a very serious love affair. (Kona, forgive me my brief flirtation with the Bella Charcoal near the end of the stack. No one had Kona Charcoal in stock, and I was not about to place a fourth order for just that. My love for you only goes SO far.)

Kona Colors, from left to right: Corn Yellow, Lipstick, Papaya, Amethyst, Sunny, Jade Green, Punch, Maize, Sunflower, Candy Pink, Hyacinth, Bella Charcoal, Kiwi, Lake. It's a weird color palette, I give you that. But work with me here. It will be (or at least should be) genius.

From the new quilt shop that opened a few weeks ago, some Fresh Cut by Basic Grey. I don't know that I've purchased much Basic Grey before this, but I really like some of the prints in the line. I especially liked this floral, and when I saw they had one FQ cut and ready to go, I couldn't say no. While I expected that I would hate EPP, I find it's quite the contrary--I really enjoy it. And I have a larger-scale project in mind for using bits of this.

Also from the new LQS, some green flannel to back my oldest's quilt, and some truck fabric. I made the mistake of taking my three-year-old to the LQS with me, and he was pretty insistent that we needed trucks. And then I thought, why not make my older boys matching cushions with their initials on them? Again, because I apparently have a kajillion hours of free time waiting to be filled up with quilting projects. Except I don't. Not at all! But it's a happy thought, and I'm sure I'll use it somewhere. Eventually.

That's all for today. I'm linking up with Sunday Stash at Molli Sparkles. 


  1. What a beautiful and big pile of fabrics you have! You were right - I am loving all the Kona solids you picked up! :) I am a huge fan of Carolyn Friedlander, too, and those cross weaves are super yummy. I am so excited to see what you make for your nephew - it is going to be epic, I know it.

  2. Haha. My three year old has strong opinions too. It's hilarious to take him to a fabric store with me.

  3. So good to see you diving in head first once again! Those Architextures prints also come in wide backs so brace yourself. Like you, I wish there was just a "quilt me" who could find those kajillion hours!

  4. So many yummies. I am sure that your nephew-to-be will find his life and confidence enhanced by his quilt-to-be.

  5. You've got some yummy looking stuff in that stash!

  6. All those Konas (and a Bella) together look so random, yet at the same time they just all work. How does that happen?!

  7. I love that even in March I can empathize with it being a tight squeeze to finish a quilt by July. Loving the cross hatch - now that I think of it I think there's some in my stash that needs to get worked on sooner or later too...doh!

  8. So. Much. Loveliness.

    I need to go check out the rest of that Basic Grey line -- like, right now.


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