Friday, October 2, 2015

FF: Another 241 Tote. (Yes, another.)

Yes. Another one. I've lost count of how many I've made. A bunch. I love this pattern, blahblahblah, this is old news. Do I sound unexcited about this? Because honestly, I'm thrilled with this latest one. It's just, how many new and creative blog post introductions can you write about a bag you can't stop making? I'm running out of material!

On a Friday night a few Fridays ago, I started with this fabric pull with the hopes of finishing up a 241 tote in two hours. Except, I forgot the thirty minutes it would take me to drop off and pick up my kid. Then my BFF called, and we had to chat. Then I didn't move so quickly because I was watching Star Trek and OMG, it was a stressful episode. (What if they all DIED??? They didn't, but WHAT IF???) So my two hours of child-freesewing time was more hour? Thank goodness I was able to sew more after he went to bed!

What was particularly fun about this Friday night sewing session was that my friend Linda was also sewing that evening on a 241 tote, and even though we live in different states, we were able to send progress shots back and forth to each other. My interfacing acted up because OF COURSE IT DID, and she suffered some thread issues. But we kept working because we are sewers, and we are tough stuff. I didn't finish my tote in the allotted two hours, nor did I finish it that evening after my youngest was asleep, but I did manage to get everything done except the final topstitching, which had to wait until the next morning because a thunderstorm woke the baby, and he required some mama love.

It's a fun bag. I bought an FQ of Bella by Lotta Jansdotter what feels like years ago...actually, it was a couple of years ago! I paired it with some Kona in white and a blue print I also bought a couple of years back. The recipient's favorite colors are indigo and white, so while white is maybe not the best call for a bag, it is striking, and hopefully this blue is close enough to indigo to please.

The inside is...wild. I used some batiks I had on hand, plus the same blue print from the outside. I had a quarter yard cut of the main panel batik, but I just cut the pieces out and included a little extra for seam allowance, then sewed them up the middle. Worked like a charm, and I kind of like the look, so don't be surprised if you see this again.

Because there will be another 241 tote. You know it, I know. I can't stay away!


  1. The blue and white is very snappy. White always scares me off, but I love how crisp and professional it can trim things out.

  2. Ha! I love the story of the bag's creation as much as I love the bag itself. Well done (and written). : )


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