Monday, December 12, 2016

The Honey Pot Bee

Friends, I love the start of a new year. I always feel like there's promise looming ahead--the idea that I could have 365(ish) days to make a difference, change my life, become a better person...and it doesn't hurt that so many fun things start on January 1st!

Cue: The Honey Pot Bee. This is a totally non-stress quilting "bee" that is open to anyone, and as it's hosted by the fabulous Molli Sparkles, you know it's going to be a fun--dare I say, sparkly?--time.

Here are the quick details: every month, January through December, two peeps will choose a block. The participants will make one or both out of their own fabrics for themselves. At the end of the year, they'll have 24(ish) blocks for a super fun quilt. There's no shipping, no requirements, no fuss. If you get behind, there's no pressure. For a girl that just had a baby, it's like the dream bee.

And if that doesn't sell you, here's the list of twelve super fab quilters who will be serving as queen bees:

January – Angie –
February – Adrianne –
March – Amy –
May – Julie –
June – Alyce –
July – Leanne –
August – Sam –
September – Sarah –
October – Kelly –
November – Kristy –
December – Yvonne –

And we'll be joined with another twelve awesome, TBA quilters, woo! (Why yes, that is my name scheduled for April, and I am all sorts of excited.) Will you join me?

Say yes!


  1. Yes! I'm definitely looking forward to such a low key experience next year. I think I have a block design I want to share for December. I reserve the right to change my mind a lot between now and then, though!

  2. After this year, I am all for 2017 being no fuss, low key, and full of balance!

  3. What a great idea! Look forward to seeing your block in April.


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