Sunday, February 5, 2017

Coast to Coast Traveling Bee Quilt 1

As I'm piecing these stars for Alison's quilt, my husband asks me why I'm working on a quilt for a person I don't like. And I reply, "Alison is awesome. Why would you think I don't like her?"

And then I start panicking. Does the quilt look like junk? Does he think I've made a mess of Alison's lovely medallion?

Thankfully, no. APPARENTLY, friendship stars look like ninja stars to him, and APPARENTLY he thinks I'm the sort of person to send people death threats in their quilt tops. What a punk. 

So I tell my husband that I'm calling him out on my blog for insinuating that I have violent tendencies, and he starts backtracking. "No!" he says. "Ninja stars are useful tools. You're using them in the quilt to show your friend you've got her back."


Here's the quilt as it stands right now, and I'm pretty excited about it! I'll drop it in the mail this week, and then I get to start work on Susan's!


  1. Before I digress below, I just want to say that I think you added a beautiful border to Alison's quilt and that the prints blend so well and I love those fun corners!

    This post made me laugh out loud! It also reminds me of a cooking fail I had when we first moved to California 9 years ago... my family has an amazing homemade yeast roll recipe, and I learned to make them at a young age. I joke that they are the reason my husband married me. Well, I grew up in the Southeast of the US and never lived more than a few hundred feet above sea level in hot, humid environments. The first time I made the rolls in the dry, desert Southwest, I used the same amount of flour. It was tough work kneading in that last cup, but by golly, I did it. And when they turned out to be rather, ahem, firm, my husband told me that they were BETTER than ninja stars because they are able to be disguised in plain sight and no one would know better that they were serious weapons when thrown. Needless to say, that batch got thrown out and I figured out how to modify my recipe. :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I find your husband's comment hilarious because I also made friendship stars this month! LOL! I am realizing that the teal photographs as seafoam which is bizarre. I'm so glad you were able to use some of the umbrella print too! :) :) :)


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