Monday, January 8, 2018

Tula Pink Patina Quilt Top

Friend, last time we chatted about this Patina Quilt project from the book Quilt with Tula and Angela, I had just begun piecing all of the strips. There was piecing, then more piecing, then more piecing! All.The.Piecing. By the time I finished piecing, I was thoroughly OVER IT, but then I sat back and looked at it and ooohed at the prettiness of it all.

I took this photo back in SEPTEMBER. I basted it in October. I started quilting it in November. And then I'd work on it between holiday gift-making and holiday prep, and then, just when I thought I could start working on it again with some serious dedication, I wrenched my shoulder somehow, and wrestling with this lovely and my sewing machine, Stella, seemed like a terrible idea. (And I found out it was because I'm stubborn and didn't want to be inconvenienced by hurt shoulders so I sewed anyway, and after ten inches, my shoulders were a world of pain, so I stopped and crashed on my couch with a heat pad.)

My shoulders are feeling (mostly) better now, though I'll admit that I'm hesitant to pick this quilt up again just yet as I don't want to re-injure them! But hopefully I'll be able to get er' done soon. As of right now, I'd say I'm about 1/3 done with the quilting, which I'm calling a MAJOR success.

This bomb cyclone thing and its terrible weather rendered us housebound for a few days, and while that was super lame, I *did* manage to get another quilt not only basted, but quilted! The binding is even picked out--though not prepared--so hopefully I'll be sharing that with you soon.


  1. This is so gorgeous and I can't wait to see it quilted! And yay for housebound-fueled productivity! I definitely had some of that this weekend too! :D

  2. This is beautiful! I look forward to knowing you are pain free and recovered from whatever tweaked your shoulder. Taking it a bit easy does sound wise. Plus, you're already 1/3rd through with the quilting? Nice! I hope you all stay warm and cozy.

  3. So pretty! I predict that it will be a very well-loved quilt. =]

  4. Woow! I love the Patina quilt, but I could not figure out what colors to use with it. I love the colors you picked, it is gorgeous!


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