Friday, February 9, 2018

FF: Wayward Transparency Quilt!

I'm pretty sure you've seen fifty kajillion iterations of this quilt because everyone made one, but here's mine! (Of course fifty kajillion iterations were made--this pattern is bomb!) But just in case you haven't seen one, this is the Wayward Transparency Quilt by Quilting Jetgirl, which was part of a super fun awesome QAL. I always love Yvonne's patterns as they are extremely easy to read and understand, and they turn out some super sweet quilts!

These photos were taken after the quilt's first wash. I particularly love the crinkly goodness that a spiky meander leaves a quilt. I quilted everything in a mint thread that matches the lightest solid. I was concerned it might be too pronounced on the darker triangles or possibly distort the transparency effect given the quilting design that I had chosen, but now I think it's just fine.

I did machine stitch down my binding, something I'm choosing to do more and more often now, but this time I used my zigzag stitch. I've done this on a couple of other quilts, but I thought in this case it would particularly suit given the spiky meander.

And the back is a big chunk of a Joel Dewberry print, plus some scraps I pulled out, including my beloved C+S tigers. I only ever managed to find a fat eighth of that print, and now I'm left with a small scrap, but as this quilt is heading to a super sweet baby boy, I'm happy to share.

This is my first finish of my FAL Q1 list, and it's already February! I better get moving! :)


  1. I love love love it! This looks like a quilt that will be well loved for a long time. :)

  2. It looks awesome, Audrey! I love the delicious crinkle right after the wash. And it certainly felt like a lot of people participated. I do love seeing other versions, but I'm glad the QAL is over and I can work on some other designs for a while, haha. :)


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