Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Finished Tula Pink Patina Quilt

FRIENDS. I am so incredibly pleased to let you know this quilt is DONE. I need only drag it down to the post office and send it to my niece, woo! (And when I say drag, I mean drag. This thing is heavy!)

This is the Patina Quilt from Tula Pink and Angela Walters' book, Quilting with Tula and Angela. I had originally intended to echo quilt around each colored bit, but the turning was wreaking absolute havoc on my shoulders, and I wasn't going to be able to finish it! So, I just did the center row, and then I stippled the two ends.

For the back, I used a tie-dye flannel because these are my niece's fave colors, and she loves tie-dye! So it was meant to be. However, using this flannel is part of why the quilt was so heavy! It should be nice and comfy for snuggling though. Worth it!

For the binding, I used Cotton + Steel's Sprinkles print in navy, plus a hint of lime (Kona Chartreuse, probably). This is my second finish from my Q1 FAL list, and I am SO excited that it's done! Definitely a win in my book. It will most likely be my last finish from that list, but two is better than none!

Now, if I can manage to get a few more quilt tops basted, we'll be in business!


  1. It turned out amazing, Audrey! The flannel is beautiful for the backing and I bet it will get snuggled and loved on a lot.

  2. Such a fun design and perfect choice of colors. On behalf of the 2018 FAL hosts, congratulations and thanks for linking up!

  3. A beatufiul quilt! The colors you choose are fantastic! The fabric you found for the back is perfect, and I hope your niece is enjoying her new quilt!


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