Hi! My name is Audrey. I'm so glad you stopped by! As you can probably guess, I have an exuberant relationship with the color pink.
I'm the wife of a computer science geek and the mother of four amazing kidlets. (My kids' names are not really Banzo, Lito, Fava, and Vanilla, but that's what we called them while I was pregnant.) I was raised in the sunny desert, spent seven years learning how the midwest works, and for now, I call the Philadelphia area home.

I started quilting in 2011. My grandmother gave me her Singer Model 15 sewing machine from the 1950s, and I named her Agatha. After a few years, I bought Stella, a Bernina B350, and we are BFF. While I may dabble in bag and apparel sewing, my heart beats for quilting. There is just something magical about making pretty blankets!

I do the mama thing most of the time, and I squeeze in sewing when I can. When I'm not busy with kidlets or my husband or sewing or devouring books, I work on writing the five-book YA series I started a few years ago. The first book was published in 2015, and I'm perfecting the second. You could say I have my fingers in a lot of pies, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you want more HPQ, I'm on instagram a whole bunch.

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  1. Oh Audrey I am interested in your Young Adults go girl! Also you are Marieka look to have the same vintage Singer. Check her out at Bespoke Bites blog.


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