1. Need help and advice. Very important project. One of my former students, who is now 20, has returned to her home country of Mexico where she was in an orphanage and is working there as a volunteer. I have offered to sponsor a three year old girl who is in the orphanage and want to make both of them quilts for the cold fall and winter. The 20 year old loves "hot pink" and the three is year old is "a girl, but not too girly." I am relatively new to quilting and am hoping for some suggestions and advice.

    I am hoping to visit them at the orphanage in December so I need to get started asap....I still teach Middle School, so time is of the essence:):)

    Robin M. Davis

    1. Hi Robin! There are several quilt patterns you could use that could highlight fabric without making it too girly. Square or rectangular patchwork, a disappearing nine patch, or a basic block like a churn dash would all be fun, simpler projects. It sounds like finding the right fabric is what will really make this quilt. What a fun project to work on! I wish you luck!

      A couple of options that might make it extra warm for the coming season: using a flannel backing (though I would definitely pre-wash your flannel as it shrinks quite a bit) and you might double layer your batting. The double batting will make the quilt stiffer, but it does add quite a bit of warmth.


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