Thursday, June 6, 2013


Friends, this is Gertrude, Agatha's new best friend. *Squee!*

She was commissioned in 1927, and she is awesome and amazing and fabulous. Gertrude belonged to my great grandmother and was passed from my grandmother (and namesake) to my father. On our trip back home, I happened to stop at my dad's house and spotted a familiar wooden Singer case. Apparently, my father has had Gertrude since I was a baby, but he conveniently forgot to mention her existence until I spotted her lovely wooden case. Thankfully, my daddy's a nice guy, and he knew Gertrude would be happier with me.

Gertrude isn't a treadle machine, but she doesn't have a foot pedal. She is operated by a knee lever, which I had never seen before. I heard a rumor that only 15,000 of this type of Singer were made, but that's a rumor, folks, though wouldn't it be super amazing if it was true? 

Isn't she amazing? I can't wait to do some further investigation and see if she's operational!


  1. I'm so jealous of the history behind your gorgeous sewing machine. Beautiful.

  2. How exciting! Those old machines are always so pretty :) it'll be awesome if you can get it working!!

  3. Gertrude's lovely! I really hope you can work magic and get her working, and even if you don't she's an awesome bit of quilting history.

  4. Lucky you! Let us know as you find out more about her.... I had a really old piano in my last apartment, it was fun to find out the history


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