Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sisters' 10 Blocks--12 of 20 done!

I should have posted a progress photo last month when I hit the halfway point of this BOM, but alas, May was not my month. June hasn't been great, but at least I'm getting a few things done!

In all their glory, here are my 12 Sisters' 10 BOM blocks. There are 8 more to go, and then I'll be piecing together a *gasp!* twin size quilt. Yikes. That will definitely be my largest. We'll see if Agatha and I can handle it!

Anyone else doing this BOM?


  1. I started this, but am really behind... I don't think BOMs are for me. I get waaaay too distracted between blocks and keep putting the new ones off to work on other things. But I made the two blocks I did do into cute pillows, so not a total loss! :) yours look fabulous! I bet you can do a twin sized quilt no problem ;)

  2. I love how the blocks look as a set!

  3. Love your color combo! This will look great finished!

  4. They are gorgeous! I love the grey, it really makes the colours ping.

  5. Wow your blocks look great all laid out together :-)

  6. I'm doing this one too in orange, green, and yellow. Yours looks beautiful and so different than mine. It's so fun to see it in different color ways.
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter


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