Sunday, August 25, 2013


So, back in June, I was all, "Hey Friends! Guess what? I totally made a skirt, and I'm going to show it to you!"

And then I forgot. But lucky for me, you still love me, and lucky for you (maybe?) I finally remembered!

Ta da! And it's not an elasticized box! It has structure! And it has a zipper! Woo!

Anna told me about this book called Sew What! Skirts, and that's the book I used. I specifically made the tourist trap skirt because I can't get enough of skirts with pockets.

Zipper. (Apparently, my zipper is property of Robin? Should I be concerned?)

A close-up of the pocket. The zipper, pocket buttons, and the lining of this skirt all came from a local shop that is described online as an "Eco-Edu-Art Creative Re-use Marketplace." What that really means is, people donate their unused crafty art supplies, and people like me can buy them. The zipper was 25 cents. I don't remember about the buttons, but they were dirt cheap, and they don't match, but they're close enough that you wouldn't notice unless I told you.

And of course, I used Tula fabrics because I knew I wanted a tree of life skirt. I waffled between the different colorways, but finally decided on this one, which wasn't perhaps the greatest of ideas since it is a lot of white, and I have two small kidlets with sticky hands, but whatever. I like it too much to care! I wear this skirt a lot, sometimes with charcoal leggings underneath, and sometimes just with boots, yes, even in the middle of summer because in my book, boots are a year-round staple. But it's held up very well for the abuse I've put it under.

I love my Tula skirt, and I'm eager to make another skirt from that book. Next time, I'm thinking pleats, yikes! And I even have my fabric all picked out. (Can we say Lucky Penny in hot pink?) I just need to find some selfish sewing time!


  1. Tula makes a great quilt :) It looks awesome on you! I'd love to get on the pleat-making skirt mission with you!

  2. Did I really just write "quilt?" That's true too, but I meant skirt. :)

  3. I heart the fabric you chose. Great look on you too!


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