Monday, October 21, 2013

A Raccoon Dress.

I'm not going to lie, this is probably the coolest dress I own. (At this very moment.) Made with Tula Pink's Acacia, and lovingly called the Raccoon Dress, I'm in love love love.


(Added bonus? I can cross this off my Q4 FAL 2013 list, woo!)

I used the Naomi pattern from Sew Serendipity. I don't have much pattern reading experience, but it was pretty clear. There were a couple of parts where I ran into some confusion, but I re-read the instructions multiple times, and then just gave it a go, and somehow it all worked out.

The dress has an elastic waist and no zipper or crazy darts or anything like that, so that made it simple to put together. The most complicated part was the keyhole in the back, which you could omit if you wanted to avoid that.

I've had my eye on Kay's Monique pattern, and she recently released Ramona which I'm also swooning over, but I thought Naomi would be a good starting point. I'm so excited about this dress. I do enjoy dressing up, but I have a serious love affair with my pajama pants. But Friends! This dress, paired with leggings, is just as comfortable as my pajamas. Seriously. I'm thinking of making one for every day of the week because then I will look like an adult and put together and stuff and that will be totally awesome, but I will still be ridiculously comfortable. Good plan, right? Right.

I'm thinking Ramona next, then Monique, or maybe Juliet Nouveau. Yes?

I'm linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday at Blossom Heart Quilts.


  1. That's very cute and you were it well...though I can't imagine just any old body looking so nice. =) The striped fabric really works well with the rest of the prints.
    Visiting from Sew Cute! =)

  2. Very cute, great job! I love Acacia by Tula, my favorite line right now.

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! I think it's mine too! I love me those raccoons! And the hummingbirds! And the stripe! Yum!

  3. look at you looking all adult and cute with that dress... wait, are those raccoons peeking out of the skirt??? :) almost grown up *wink* i totally love it!

  4. Go Audrey!! That's totally a "Quilt Market" outfit... that's what's all the rage right now, right?! ;)

  5. Ohmygosh, that dress is adorable, and it looks fantastic on you!!! <3

  6. I love it! It awesome! I need a dress just like that.

  7. WHAT. You have just made my day. That dress is waaaay too awesome! And it looks fabulous on you! Bonus points for being super comfy too :)

  8. You look super cute! I love that pinky purple (or purpley pink) it is a great match for the raccoons. And I think making half a dozen of these for everyday of the week is a brilliant plan.
    E xx

  9. Love it! So awesome. Must get some raccoons.

  10. So cute Audrey! You look great in it!

  11. Gorgeous dress :). Looks great on you :).

    Jenn from Mellycoddle :).

  12. I love this and you do look totally put together!

  13. Fabulous! Love, love, love your foxy, err, raccoony (?) dress! :)


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