Sunday, October 6, 2013

SS: Crimson Tate Edition.

On Friday, I had the amazing opportunity to drive to Indianapolis with my quilting sensei, K and visit Crimson Tate. Oh, Friends. It was glorious. Ready for lots of pictures?

Upon stepping into the shop, it took me about two seconds to confirm that the drive to Indy was totally worth it, and I will do it again the minute my wallet allows it.

Do you see those glorious walls of fabric? O.M.G. (Also, the Crimson Tate team is beyond sweet. They didn't just tolerate my shrieks and squeals and need to touch the fabric, they practically encouraged it.)

And do you see this? It's like they knew I was coming and hung up pink goodness just to say, "Welcome, Audrey."

And this. Oh, Friends. That's Acacia. Like, in person. Not just a bolt or two from the collection, but all of them. I practically wept. To see Tula in all of that glory? It was amazing.

And now, for my favorite part of this post: the goods.

Melody Miller, Lizzy House, Lotta Jansdotter, Anna Maria Horner. Yum.

AMH and Tula? Yes, please.

Teagan White? Mmmhmmmm.

And some mirror balls, Heather Ross, and a blue shot cotton, just for good measure. I may have purchased a couple of other things as well, but they're a secret for now. Shhhhhhh!

As if this haul wasn't enough, I returned home to more fabric. But that's another post. Thanks Heather and David for taking such good care of us at your store! I'll definitely be back! Today, I'm linking up with Sew E.T. for Sunday Stash! 


  1. Such a lovely shop! And (of course) such lovely company as well. =]

    1. Trips like this are always better with a friend. :)

  2. Love the "pink goodness" too! Nice haul. You must be grinning from ear to ear. I love Firefly fort...had to get myself those fireflies in jars - LOVE

  3. Looks like a great little trip :D

  4. This looks like my kind of place! Good to know you weren't the mistress of restraint as your pictures indicate!

  5. Cool shop! I'll have to check it out next time I visit my grandma :) Thanks for linking up!

  6. wow, what a haul! nothing better than a good fabric shop, no?

  7. Bah catching up on posts, I didn't know you were in Indy! Next time you visit let me know I'll meet you at Crimson Tate! :) It would be awesome to meet in person. :)


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