Friday, May 23, 2014

FF: Mama's Quilt.

I have finished my Mama's quilt, and just in time to get it to her for her birthday! This bad boy was pieced using blocks from the Hive 7 Stash Bee ladies (who are totally awesome, BTW). I sashed and cornerstoned the quilt to get it a bit larger, than added a 5" border all the way around. She measures 56" x 70" all said and done.

I did some light quilting in the block areas, which I unfortunately didn't get any good shots of.

You can see it a bit better on the back, but not really. I used a variegated 40W thread, which was my first time using 40W thread, and I LOVED it.

The back...oh, the back. I'm not in love. But whatever. I used a print called Paintbox by Cynthia Rowley that I got for a song from It wasn't quite wide enough, so I used a bit of red and my remaining blocks to back it. What I hadn't considered was that putting my blocks on the edge would mean I'd have to chop a bit off of them. But what's done is done. And I knew the moment I saw one of the blocks with its light apricot center that I'd be using it as the signature block for the back.

Do you see what that is? That dark blue print in this particular block? If you know what it is, you will understand how freakin' awesome it is that I have it in my possession. Until I go to the post office. When I will send it to my mama. And I can tell you right now, my mama isn't going to understand how freakin' cool it is to have a bit of Neptune in her quilt. Nope. Not at all.

I machine-sewed the binding because handsewing binding makes my pregnant shoulders hurt something fierce. And this is probably the best job of it I've done since I started machine-sewing binding. I used Kona Navy with a pop of Kona Chartreuse for funsies.

And she's all ready for the mail. Thanks to the awesome Hive 7 Stash Bee ladies for my gorgeous, Tula-filled blocks!

I'm linking up today with TGIFF, hosted by Sarah at Georgia Girl Quilts! And this is totally a finish from my Q2 FAL 2014 list. Woo!


  1. I really really love this quilt so so much! Your mama is one lucky lady. What is the gorgeous variegated thread you used? I'm loving how rainbow-y it is!

  2. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL QUILT!!! What a lucky mama you have!!! I'm sure she's going to love it!!

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

  3. I think 40W thread is the only thread my machine will really "let" me quilt with her! She's a pretty fussy lady, though. Lovely finish and a great size for your mom to cuddle up with and feel your love!

  4. your Mum will be thrilled - what a fantastic present!

  5. This is one stunning quilt and that it is going to your mama is the coolest. You are one wonderful daughter--you can tell her I said so, I'll back you up on that!

  6. I think this quilt is fantastic! You're being too hard on yourself. That blue print you used for the border really makes the top POP! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  7. It turned out great! That is one brightly coloured quilt there, lady. :-)

  8. Turned out beautiful! 😊 you binding looks quite perfect. I had a bit of a binding mishap on my sister's quilt but she told me to just leave it so I did... Still haunts my dreams though O.O

    Your mom may not understand the coolness of neptune, but she'll definitely understand the coolness of having a quilt made specially for her by her daughter 😉

  9. I think the partially chopped off blocks are actually an interesting effect!

  10. This is gorgeous! I'm sure your mom is going to love it. I really like your pop of chartreuse in the binding.

  11. It is simply fabulous. fab-u-lous. Lucky mom! And, even if she doesn't appreciate the Neptune, I do!

    1. She should receive it on Friday. I'm so excited! And I think she's guessed what I mailed her because she emailed me this morning to tell me she was excited to get her box, and usually she's the "You shouldn't have spent any money on me" type.

  12. It's so bright and colourful! Very pretty. Does your Mum love her quilt?


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