Monday, September 29, 2014

Boardgames and Some FMQ

As y'all might remember, September is my birthday month around these parts. It is also the birthday month of my super amazing wonderful and magnificent husband, but he doesn't really care about things like birthday week, so I kind of had to force him to enjoy it. This weekend, we watched lots of football, ate ice cream, played boardgames, ate good food, and I forced him to take a long nap.

We also learned how to play 7 Wonders, which was awesome fun. (BTW, if you enjoy playing games like 7 Wonders, you should totally tell me your favorite games. We play a lot of Dominion around these parts, but we love trying new games too.)

The weekend wasn't all play though. I've committed to a bit of FMQ on this quilt, though the majority is still straight line echo quilting, aka, bread-and-butter-Audrey-quilting. I'm still working on stitch length consistency, but I'm getting better.

And I've been burying threads as I go, as I hate burying them all at the end. I'm probably 60-70% of the way done with quilting this bad boy, and I'd really like to finish quilting it this week and get the binding attached. I'm planning to handsew the binding since it's a special quilt, and this weekend sounds like a great time to get started.

Did y'all have a good weekend? And how are those Q3 FAL projects finishing up?


  1. My husband LOVES boardgames. We just picked up Fluxx, which is technically a card game, but its super, super fun, even for 2 people. And kids would have a blast playing I think. Happy birthday to your husband! (I also have to force mine to celebrate.... why do they not enjoy birthdays?)

  2. I love 7 wonders and Dominion. Our favourites are Bohnanza and Pandemic.

  3. My family likes Settlers of Catan. Love the sneak peaks of your quilting - your FMQing looks great!

  4. My husband has a well-deserved reputation for avoiding card games and board games of all varieties. Last night he saw me and our older son playing Crazy 8's, and he said,"See? You finally got someone to play games with you!" [me giving him the raspberries]

    I just looked over your Q3 list, and you've made such a good dent in it. You forgot one line item, though: Have baby. Check!

  5. Sounds like some fabulous birthday time. And the FMQ looks great. (Of course it does!)


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