Friday, September 5, 2014

FF: Another 241 Tote.

Friends, I take birthdays very seriously, especially my own! I celebrate a birthday week, and mine just so happens to start on Sunday. I wanted to make a new dress, but a new purse will have to do. It's not a bad consolation prize, considering the fabrics I used are my long-hoarded mirror balls and Melody Miller! (With a splash of Julianna Horner and Tula Pink for the lining.)

This is my second 241 tote. I made another 241 for my younger sister's birthday, and while at the time I was wishing I had mine first, I was able to take my former experience and make this one perfect.

This is my first time using Melody Miller fabric. It's also the only piece I own, and I had been hoarding it for some time. Once again, the construction was lovely, but the interfacing--my word. This time, I used a midweight interfacing. By the time I finished fusing all of that horrible stuff, I think I finally had a system. I still wouldn't call it a success though.

And hot pink topstitching for the win. This purse is metallic, ostentatious, and won't match much, but I love love love it, and I'm excited to have something shiny to start off my week! The problem is, it's so pretty...I don't want to use it!

I'm linking up with TGIFF, this week hosted by Laura at Quokka Quilts.


  1. Love that hot pink stitching!! Happy birthday for Sunday :)

  2. Oh, happy, happy birthday! Mine is today (the 5th) and I am having a super lovely day with my brother and his sister. We are about to walk to the local bakery for lunch and some cheesecake - yum! Then I am going fabric shopping with them. Oh, should be great! I think your bag is lovely and I especially love the hot pink stitching - perfect detail!

  3. Happy (belated!) birthday! Love the pink stitching! I just bought some noodlehead patterns from Massdrop so I can make some bags. I've never made one before so I'm kind of scared lol


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