Friday, July 11, 2014

FF: Boo's Bag.

I cannot name quilts to save my life, but giving a nickname is a trademark of my love for a person. My younger sister, years ago, was awarded the name Boo. Before that, she was "Fluffy-Hair Kiddo," so she was probably thrilled to trade that nickname in, but poor thing. My kids (Banzo, Lito, and Fava--more of my awesome nicknaming!) even call her Auntie Boo. And she puts up with it, which is probably her way of telling me that she loves me.

Well, Auntie Boo has a birthday later this year, and I decided to make her a Noodlehead 241 bag. The original plan was to make me one, but because I am the best sister EVER, I sacrificed my bag and made one for her. (And it's totally on my Q3 FAL list, so one down, six outrageous goals to go.)

Fabrics are Kona Black, a random gray solid I had in stash, a hint of Waterfront Park, and the center print is from a collection called Poppy Modern. 

Consensus? I love this pattern. Once I got past the fabric cutting and interfacing fusing, this bag was amazing to put together. A part of me wants to start on mine today. Then maybe make one for every other person I care about. (My husband totally needs a 241 murse, right?)

Of course, that means cutting more fabric and fusing more interfacing. I received my first rotary cutter injury while cutting fabric for this--I was in a hurry and being careless, so totally my own fault, and it's not a terrible cut. However, the interfacing. OMG, the interfacing. I HATE interfacing. I used Pellon's SF101, followed the instructions, but STILL. It took forever, and then my super old and faded hot pink ironing board cover decided to leak dye onto the bird print from Waterfront Park that I had originally chosen for the contrasting side pockets. WHY????? I only had a little leftover from Fava's quilt, so I couldn't even cut more. The print now lines the pockets, which I guess we'll say is intentional and gives a peek-a-boo effect.

I installed a magnet snap for the first time, which was easy peasy, and I did install the interior slip pocket. I contemplated inserting the outer zipper pocket(s), but I actually prefer its look sans zipper(s), so I went the easy route. That outer zipper would probably be very convenient and nice...but too late.

There will be more of these in my future. I love this bag. (Other than the interfacing. And the brief fear my fingers will feel when I approach the rotary cutter again.)

I'm linking up with Audrey at Glory Be Quilter (fellow Audreys unite!) for TGIFF.


  1. I almost always use parchment paper beneath and on top of interfacing projects. I hate when the gluey stuff gets everywhere. Maybe that will keep the pink off next time? Its a cute bag regardless though. :D

  2. Looks great - and congrats on a Q3 finish and an early finish on a birthday gift. Whoo!

  3. So are Banzo and Lito nicknames too? I'm confused! I always thought you had named them this and had chosen unique, original names for your children.

  4. Congrats on all your finishes :o)


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