Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Work on a Team Green Baby Quilt.

Some friends of mine are expecting their second bambino around Thanksgiving. Since I made their first little one a quilt, I'm definitely making their second a quilt. Except, this time, they're not finding out the baby's gender. Apparently they're now members of Team Green? (I had never heard of this concept, but maybe that's not surprising seeing as how I needed to find out my kidlets' genders as soon as possible.)

But even before they were Team Greeners, I knew I wanted to use this palette for their quilt. Weird how that worked out, right? 

Cutting all of this took approximately twelve million hours. I also determined during the course of cutting that I was short two pieces of lime fabric. LAME. But I suppose there are worse things than having to visit the fabric store?

And that twelve million hours really cut into my time for piecing! I pieced twelve of twenty blocks, then got excited and decided to start piecing the rows. And do you know what happened when I started piecing the rows? DISASTER.

The points don't line up, and not just a couple of them. ALL of them. And since this pattern is paper pieced, that really shouldn't be a problem. We're talking like a 1/4" off. And since my seam allowances were included in the template, and I know it was printed at 100% scale, I really can't understand the problem. Which makes me think there isn't a solution.

I'm a little grumpy. I'm going to seam rip the row and see if I can figure something else out, but the finished product might be rocking something like this. I'm trying to tell myself that it's okay if it is....

We'll see what the next few rows have in store, I suppose!


  1. Oh bummer! That seems really odd. Good luck with the seam ripper and figuring out a balance!

  2. That is super frustrating. Would it make you feel better if I said it's gorgeous regardless? Because it is...

  3. Oh bummer, that's so frustrating. It looks great I hope you can find a solution. Love the color palette.

  4. I think it looks great either way. Sometimes patterns aren't perfect, especially with the corners. Either way, I love the green. The last baby quilt I made for a couple friend that wasn't finding out the gender of the baby (they ended up having a girl) I made the quilt with brown, yellow, and blue.

  5. It's going to be stunning! I suck at this "matching of points" myself. Think it would also work with all the triangles in the same direction and the sides trimmed down a hair, voila, matching seam problem solved :)

    1. Thanks! And thanks for the idea! I pulled out my trusty seam ripper yesterday, and we got busy. Here's hoping I can get this sorted out!

  6. I feel your pain. Honestly, in that position, I would probably put the project down for a few days (weeks?) to gain some perspective and approach it again with fresh eyes. Hmm ... have you considered sashing?

  7. Have you looked for other versions of the pattern that other people have made to see if they have issues too? Maybe someone else figured out a fix?

    When I'm pregnant there's no way I could wait until its born to find out the gender. I want to know right away so I can buy things and paint things and decorate! I find the use of green as gender neutral kind of funny though because I tend to think of green as more of a boy colour!

  8. If I have another baby, which I've been trying to for almost 1.5 years now (getting older sucks), I will definitely be a team greener. It would be so fun & surprising, especially if there are older siblings who will be surprised, too.

    Have you figured out a way to fix this? My only thought is to chop it shorter so they are like tumblers and then add white or black sashing and make it look intentional. There is no way I would ever in a million years rip that many seams. Or I would just start over...Babies like the black and white, so I say stick with it and repurpose those blocks to make a different quilt. Good luck!


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