Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Q3 FAL 2014 List.

Don't laugh at what I'm about to show you, I'm fully aware that my Q3 list is a little...intense. Okay, a lot intense. I don't actually expect to finish it, but these lists don't just serve as motivation for me, they also serve as a good reminder of what I still need to get done!

These are in no particular order...

Stack of limes, kelly greens, and low volume goodness? Meet the paper piecing templates printed and waiting. I need to cut fabric and start piecing! (Baby 2K is due around Thanksgiving.)

2. New quilt for Banzo for this winter. 

Due to midwestern freezing temperatures and ridiculous amounts of snow, the boys rock a flannel backed quilt in the car during drive time. Banzo has outgrown his current one, and he's graciously agreed to pass it on to Fava if he gets a new one. My initial plan was to just do patchwork squares for time's sake, but that's what his old quilt looks like, so I'm going to try to shake it up a bit. BORDERED patchwork squares for the win! Man, sometimes my own cleverness astounds me.

I've had this canvas print for some time, not knowing exactly what to use it for. Inspiration struck when I realized we have one play apron, and two boys who constantly want to wear it. Plus, the existing apron is a Merry Christmas apron. Better to make two completely new ones, and with their initials to boot! (Added bonus, I used the MC apron as a cutting template.)

I need a ton of placemats for the boys. A TON. They seem to fly through them quicker than I can wash them. Above, one is quilted and just needs binding. One is a finished top. Then I pulled a stack of novelty fabric I can't see myself using anytime soon (Mexican luchadores, anyone?) to piece some additional mats.

This will eventually be a Noodlehead 241 tote. I made it all the way through cutting the fabric for this purse before I realized I needed more interfacing. Even though I seem to always be buying it, and in greater quantities than my project actually requires, I never seem to have what I need when I need it. Why is that? Does the interfacing understand its eventual fate and run off while I'm sleeping? That's my current working theory. I actually bought the pattern because I've loved the style of the 241 tote since I first saw it, but I still haven't gotten around to actually making myself one. Maybe one of these days....

I have some time on these, but I don't think they'll actually take that long to make, so it would be nice to kick these off the list. I'll be using a holiday quilting cotton and recycling some corduroy panels. Corduroy may seem like a crazy napkin material, but I have some, and I adore them. I should have extra corduroy leftover...maybe some for me too?

7. And then there's my poor, neglected City Sampler quilt. 

I would like to finish this bad boy. At this rate, it will be on my 2015 Q3 list, but I'm plugging away at it slowly. I'm pretty positive I'll be sending it to a long arm quilter when it is a top, otherwise, it will never get done. I've made 75 blocks. Wouldn't it be glorious if all 100 were made before the end of year? 

Like I said, I don't expect to finish most of this list. (But wouldn't it be nice if I did? I can dream.) I fully expect most of it will also be on my Q4 list, especially since most of my "deadlines" aren't until Q4. But I feel better organized, and I've pulled materials and put them all in the same place. If proper inspiration strikes, I can start anywhere!

I'm linking up with the Q3 FAL list linky at The Littlest Thistle. See you over there!


  1. That is a pretty big list, but you have given yourself a long time to prepare and get most of them done. I'm so impressed by how productive you've been lately!

  2. Yes, you might be a wee bit delusional about what you can accomplish, but being delusional may be a prerequisite for being a quilter. I say, Go for it!

  3. It's ambitious! But it is motivating! I only put three things in my Q3 goals list, and now I'm feeling like a slacker! Good luck in getting it done! You can do it!

  4. That's an impressive list Audrey. Good luck with it.


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