Monday, July 14, 2014

Quilting Lesson 5: The Basting.

Last week's lesson was all sorts of awesome fun. We tackled basting--my least favorite part of quilting--and I think my student now fully understands why it's my least favorite part, poor girl.

But first thing's first:

Tada! Ladies and Gents, we have a finished quilt top. I probably should have stopped and thrown a party at this point, but really, it's so unsurprising to me that she's excelled so quickly and efficiently (because she's awesome) that it was like, of course you finished that top in record time.

And don't you love the rainbow border? Mmmhmmm.

We prepared the backing. Smoothed out batting. Laid out the glorious top and admired our sandwich.

Briefly, of course, as there was a quilt top to get pinned and basted. Before we tackled the pinning, we had a long discussion on her quilting plans. She informed me that one night she couldn't sleep because she was thinking about the quilting, so she took out the quilt and figured it all out that night. Remember that enthusiasm I was talking about before? Yep. The girl is definitely quilter material.

Of course, I have to wait FOREVER to see the finished product--tomorrow is SO far away--but I just know it's going to be more yummy and delicious. The plan for our next lesson is to square it up and attach binding with hopes that she'll have it completed before Friday. (Easy peasy.) We should also talk labels. Remind me to talk to her about labels, okay?

And then we'll be done. Wow. That's sad! It's gone so quickly! I've enjoyed myself so much! But I'm excited to know that I'll have a new quilter buddy who fully understands the awesome of fabric.

In case you've missed the previous weeks, I'm working with a lovely lady on her very first quilt. If you'd like to read more, check out the fabric pull and cutting, the piecing, the chopping and re-arranging of the DP9, and the borders assembly.


  1. That turned out so pretty!!!! She definitely has the passion for quilting :) Can't wait to see it all done!

  2. Wow, she is working fast and I love the excitement and enthusiasm she has! What a great student. Have fun with her tomorrow and yay for quilty progress!

  3. Ooo I love it! The colors really pop! So jealous she has an awesome teacher. I just usually fly by the seat of my pants & see what happens! One day I suppose I should learn some "real" quilting!

  4. So fun to watch your student's progress!

    1. One more post! *Sigh.* It was so much fun. I'm sad we're done! :)


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