Monday, June 23, 2014

Quilting Lesson #2: Piecing.

In you missed last week, I've taken on an awesome student, and she is making a DP9 from a gorgeous stack of fabric. Lesson #2 went well, but what else could be expected? Even with Agatha down for the count, we rocked our piecing lesson with some awesome hand-cranking and got this nine patch (mostly) put together.

Gorgeous seams in the back. Gorgeous nine patch! And yes, those seams do match perfectly. I can totally brag on this because I didn't sew it, right?

And today, we'll be chopping them in prep for DP9 assembly! I've never chopped blocks on such a large scale before...should be funsies!

While I've done a bit of sewing instruction and answered a couple of specific quilting questions, I have never given such detailed lessons before. It's been great for me to think about what goes into a quilting lesson. I'm probably erring on the side of too much information, but I know that when all is said and done, she'll have a very thorough quilting education.

I'll be back next week with chopped up blocks ready for DP9 assembly, woo!

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  1. Sweet! I love reading up on how the lessons are going, and I am totally excited to see how the DP9 turns out!


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