Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Sewing Day that Wasn't.

No happy salutation today, I'm afraid. You see, my heart is sad. Today is supposed to be a sewing day--a get 'er done, sew-all-the-things sewing day. Now, prepare yourselves for a truly horrible picture. I really hate to show it to you, but if anyone in the world can understand its sadness, it'll be you folks.

I KNOW. I apologize for exposing you to such a gruesome shot, but I need you to commiserate and make me feel better. (Thanks.) That's Agatha's cord. On Tuesday, my amazing student came over for our piecing awesomeness extravaganza, and Agatha was having some problems. Partway into the lesson, she stopped working all together. (Which made piecing nine-patches fun, let me tell you! But we hand cranked and were awesome anyway because that's how we roll.)

I suppose I could cut a bunch of fabric in prep for Gypsy Wife blocks, City Sampler blocks, that baby quilt I haven't even started, and those would all be good things to do. I will probably do them. But the empty spot on my sewing table will be staring back at me....

Say a prayer for my Agatha, okay? I always worry that the service person will tell me she's a goner.

EDIT: Agatha is totally fine, wooo!!!! I took her in to the service dude, and he fixed her...on the spot! FOR TWELVE DOLLARS. He is my favorite person today. As we drove home, I felt like she was glaring at me from the passenger seat, telling me that she's a tough little lady, and what was I doing thinking a simple plug problem was going to take her out? So we're all good again, and I'm eager to get to work! (After lunch, of course.) You know who else is on my favorite person list? All of you lovelies for making me feel better!


  1. I think you're probably fine. From what I can tell in the picture, it looks like your cord was a little frayed and the wires poked through the insulation and caused a short in the cable. If your machine was one of the super fancy computerized ones, I'd be worried. But Agatha was made to last. And the fact that the cord melted at that point, and is very localized, is very encouraging. :D But it sucks that you're without it for awhile.

  2. Bummer! But I totally agree with Sarah and I have confidence she'll be back and good again in no time. If not, ship her to me and my husband will put a new cord on her for you. :)

  3. Uh oh, that sucks! And cutting is very virtuous, but without the reward of sewing it's a lot harder to get through. My fingers are crossed for Agatha and I think Sarah and Yvonne are talking sense, so touch wood she'll be back with you in no time! xx

  4. OH NOES!!!! Talk about a panic moment!!! Glad to see that she is OK and is back up and running :-)

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

  5. Oh, Audrey! That's not a good picture but a few days without sewing is far better than a house fire. Still.... It sucks you're without your machine for a while....

  6. What a relief! I'm glad the old gal is OK. That was a scary photo, though.

  7. Yikes!! I hope it can be fixed! That's a sure way to put a damper on a sewing day.

  8. Glad she still works for you, and she's no longer a fire hazard. That could have been a much worse ending!


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