Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May GW and Bee Blocks.

It wasn't until I went to link up my May GW blocks that I realized I had never posted them here. I also didn't post my May Stash Bee block. (Which is a real shame since I absolutely adored the finished product and joked with Sylvia that I was considering keeping it. Don't worry, I did in fact mail it to her, even if it hurt to do so.)

And while some of the filler blocks for the May GW QAL are...well...filler, I do love my main block (Hope from Hartford) for the month. It was only the second time I'd wrangled partial seams, and it turned out pretty well. My block is totally spinning the other way from the pattern, but I like it anyway.

I snapped this photo right before dropping it in the mail, so while that background fabric might look like black, it's totally navy. I love the way the oranges play together, which is weird because usually orange and I don't get along. I had so much fun making this block--really, no sarcasm--that I made another for my medallion quilt for Fava.

June means another month of GW and bee blocks to attend to! This month's offerings are proving to be super exciting. (Improv, eep!)

Oh! And for those of you wondering, my Mama received her quilt, and she absolutely adores it. (YES. I'M SO HAPPY!)


  1. I love that GW block- the fabrics you used are fab together!

    1. I've got to get some Parisville in there when I can! :)

  2. Yay - so glad your mom loves her quilt (happy dance)! It's scary to gift sometimes. :) Your blocks are great, and I agree the oranges look great together.

  3. Love your blocks!! Great colors :-). Glad your mama loved her quilt! I was sure she would :-)

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie


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