Monday, July 21, 2014

Quilting Lesson 6: The Finish.

My student's quilt is done. This is both terribly exciting and ridiculously sad. What fun will I get into on Tuesday afternoons from now on? I'm already feeling withdrawals, but I will comfort my grief with delicious yummy pictures!

The quilting, of course, was gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.

Everything squared up nicely. We had a quick binding lesson, and then my student proceeded to spend a kajillion hours killing her fingers by handsewing down the binding.

But I bet she forgot the pain when she saw the finish! (Okay, maybe she didn't forget it entirely, but a little?)

And you can see how yummy the quilting looks on the back too! And isn't the binding the perfect touch? I'm so ridiculously proud. I know I'm super biased, but seriously, isn't this pretty much a perfect first quilt?

I'm really thankful that we had the opportunity to pursue this, and there is talk about a paper piecing lesson in the future. (Yay!) We've decided to have doughnuts to celebrate this gorgeous finish. Because there must be a celebration, and we're all about doughnuts! Thanks for following along with this fun project. I hope you've enjoyed it too!


  1. The white binding and border really add a lot to this gorgeous quilt :)

  2. It came out so pretty. I'm with Francesca: I especially like the use of white; it makes the bright colors pop all the more.

  3. Fantastic and the white binding is stellar! I am so sad that the lessons are over (I had a lot of fun watching along!) but so happy for how beautifully the quilt turned out. :)

  4. Glorious! She did a beautiful job! I'd say I'm impressed but really, I'm not at all surprised... hehehe ;)

  5. I'm so jealous this was a first quilt!! I guess you'll need to find a new student! Maybe you can start Fava off young and he'll be pro in no time ;)

  6. Wow, was this her first quilt? It turned out amazing! I love the fabrics she used--I got some of them at Joanns recently because I just love the tropical colors in them. lol about the handsewing the binding. Do you handsew yours?

  7. Teaching is so awesome and almost more satisfying that making something yourself, especially knowing that those skills can only grow...! She did a great job - good work, both of you!

  8. The quilt is so good! Is that her first quilt? She's done a great job. How old is she? Her hands look little in the picture.

  9. She did an amazing job, and she has a wonderfully talented teacher!! Great job (both of you!)

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie


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