Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fava's Rainbow Quilt.

Instead of a Sunday Stash report, I've elected to do a new quilt report because I (or rather, Fava) was recently gifted a quilt.

This is Fava's Rainbow Geese Quilt.
Um, yes. It's AMAZING.

(I didn't make it, so I can totally say that and not sound like a jerk.)

My quilting sensei K made this for my little love bug. Seriously, she's made each of my kidlets a quilt, and they are three of my favorite quilts she's ever made. (Here's a pic of Lito's.) When she showed it to me, I almost cried. (No, seriously. My eyes got wet.) It's totally a me quilt, but it's also totally a K quilt. And since we have different quilting styles and fabric loves, that's a really cool deal.

And the back. YUM.

I'm going to get a little sappy for a minute, so you can stop reading now if that's not your thing. But in the face of such an awesome gift and such an amazing friend, it's necessary to be serious every now and again. K taught me how to quilt. And for that, I will forever be grateful to her. She has also been an amazing friend, and even though she's moved away and lives in a far away magical state, her friendship means a lot. On top of all of that awesome, she cares about my kids and makes them gorgeous quilts.

So thanks, K, for Fava's amazing quilt, and thanks for being my super awesome friend. I'm really really grateful for you!


  1. What an amazingly beautiful gift and awesome friendship. Love it all the way around, even the sappy bits. :)

  2. That is an amazing quilt! I love flying geese, and rainbows!

    What a great friend to make that for you!!

  3. wow :-) not certain what's more wonderful, the quilt itself or the friendship.

    1. And I'm lucky to have both! Sometimes, I think I'm pretty freakin' spoiled!

  4. o m g. What a supercaligragilisticexpealidociously fabulous quilt. Like, WOW. I can't decide if I love the front or the back more.It's stunning...great work K!

  5. Oh wow! Lucky girl! It's probably good I live in a different country or I'd be tempted to steal it. (which in Canada really just means "stare at it for hours and sigh without actually stealing anything but still saying sorry for staring so long, eh")


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