Sunday, July 13, 2014

SS: GW Strip Edition.

I'm working on a Gypsy Wife Quilt right now, (GW QAL, woop woop!) and I'm using a F8 bundle of AMH's True Colors and a F8 bundle of Dowry. Plenty of delicious fabric, especially since I'm pulling in solids and other fabrics from stash, but definitely not enough long WOF strips for the final product. Something I did not consider when I purchased fabric for the project--oops.

I've started picking up small 1/8 cuts of fabric when I see something that strikes me. I'm not sure everything I pick out will go, but the blocks to this point are such a hodge podge of crazy that probably anything would work. That Shimmer fabric is actually intended for something else, but the others will hopefully work out. Shimmer on the far left, then some of Julianna Horner's new fabrics for Joann's--why not add in some of the daughter's fabrics with her mom's?--and one polka dot DS quilts print. I can't remember who made the metallic print on the far right.

But Friends. I had to make a stop at my LQS for more Aurifil this week, and when I was making a quick glance of their new fabrics, these immediately jumped out at me. SHOT. COTTONS. Oh, still my beating heart! You may be completely aware of my intense shot cotton love. You may not. If not, I absolutely adore them. And these feel so so yummy in my hand. (Of course, they're going to be a pain in the you-know-what when it comes to sewing those skinny strips, but it will be worth it.)

I waxed on to one of the owners in hopes that my huge immense love will encourage them to carry them forever and ever and in more colors to boot. These are from Studio E, and they've called them peppered cottons, but whatevsies. I didn't write down the colors names--that would be thoughtful and organized, and we know how I am about that--but I think the colors are Saffron, Blue Jay, Paprika, and Plum. Studio E recently held a contest with their peppered cottons, and wow. I especially loved this quilt, called Fresh Pack Potential. I've never had the pleasure of working with Oakshott cottons--one day--so my experience is limited to Kaffe Fassett shot cottons. It will be interesting to see how these compare.

I'm linking up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash. Now I'm going to drool over everyone else's purchases!


  1. Shot cottons are super addicting. I got a few half yards earlier this year and I keep petting them. At some point I will have to break down and actually use them for a project! Ha!

  2. I'm starting to think about strips too. I'm also considering starting to work away from the QAL and work on sections. I might feel more motivated if I can actually see the quilt come together? And I'm terrified when cutting my fabric that Im going to cut too much off a FQ or something and then not have enough for a strip!!

    I have some Kaffe Shot Cottons but they're not really shot-cottony. They look more like solids compared to the Peppered cottons or Oakshotts; I was hoping for something that had that other colour through a bit more :(

  3. I just used peppered cottons in a mini..... it was a learning experience. I've never had a quilt top pucker on me, backs yes, but not the top. I'm not sure if it was something I did (not baste enough, didn't make a flat top to begin with, etc) or if it was the peppered cotton. The top only had a few pieces of peppered cotton (it was mostly Kona, with a few randoms), and the borders were peppered cotton, but the places it puckered or poufed were the peppered spots.... The one thing I didn't do was starch, so that would be my advice. Starch! Oh, and I've never had that problem with Kaffe shots, and I use those in nearly everything these days.

  4. Such pretties you found! I love shot cottons, too... of course I do.


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