Thursday, February 12, 2015

GW Progress, Part 2.

I never did make it to the fabric store. Maybe this weekend? But my week was full of Gypsy Wife progress, and since I'm pretty sure I'll throw this quilt in a fire if I pause and think about working on something else, I'm trying to forge ahead.

In lieu of a design wall, I've been using my design floor, which I unfortunately share with my kidlets. More than one construction truck has driven over my WIP in the last few days.

See that short pink piece? I cut it an inch too long (as there was no measurement for it in the pattern and I was guessing) and of course I guessed wrong and OMG. It meant ripping out a bunch of seams, including some gorgeous partial seams. I'm trying to tell myself that it just means I got to practice partial seams so that I can be totally wicked awesome at them, but a small part of me was like, "Don't you make me do those again!" (Note, I should have referred to the errata that Jen Kingwell posted to see if she had the measurements posted, but I didn't. My bad.)

Auditioning fabric for more strips. I've been cutting and piecing in sets of 3-5 depending on what works best with the pattern. It seems to work for me. If you're familiar with the pattern, you might notice my substitute block. I didn't have a filler block for that piece, and I didn't think I could make one more square in a square, so I made my own. I don't like it as much. I wish I had just made a square in square. But I'm not fixing it. Nope. It's staying AS IS.

More strips.

And more. As my quilt has grown, it's gotten more difficult to keep my kids from touching it. All the more reason to hurry up and finish it! I'm a bit further along than this picture shows, and I've got fabric cut for my next five strips. I think I'm about halfway through? I waver between really liking it and worrying that I don't. I really think I'll have to see the full top before making that judgment. But that's not terribly uncommon for most of my projects, so hopefully this one will turn in my favor.

Dear GW Quilt, 
I will rock your face off. 
Love, Audrey


  1. It looks like you are getting crisp points putting it all together! My design wall is pretty small these days, too, and after finally getting one I am so spoiled that I get fussy about putting my fabric on the floor. It used to be the only way I knew how to roll though, funny how it is possible to get so used to something. Halfway done? Hooray! You've got this!

  2. Holy cow. I don't know if I should keep reading these updates because it shows that somehow I'll get through it. . . or if I should stop, because it's scaring the daylights out of me! Feel free to keep a list of things that you noticed needed to be fixed so that I don't have to go through the same trials and tribulations! ;)
    Seriously, though, it looks great. You are in the thick of it, so you can't appreciate how awesome it is looking. I know you will love it when it's done! Like Yvonne said, keep going -- you've got this!!!

  3. You're doing such a great job with this quilt! I don't know how you're managing- I get overwhelmed just thinking about putting a Gypsy Wife Quilt together. Yours is going to be epic. I cannot wait to see it when you're all done.

  4. This is looking pretty amazing so far! I love the bright colours and I think this is about as perfect a project as you could find for so many AMH fabrics :D

    I still need to make a mountain of filler blocks before I can start putting mine together.

  5. If you trust anyone, trust me sweetie! This is good, very goooood! You are rocking it's face off so hard it's going to need plastic surgery when you're done!

  6. This is so awesome! If I had to unpick all those partial seams for sure it would be in a corner right now, thinking about what it had done. I love it so much, those raspberries and egg yolk yellows with the odd blast of navy - it's amazing!


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