Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gypsy Wife Progress

I'm slowly plugging away at my 2015 Q1 FAL list. Three of my nine goals are finished, and five are stalled because I need various fabric/thread/batting needs. I promised myself I would purchase those things this past weekend. (Oops.)

That leaves me with my Gypsy Wife quilt.

I have finished quite a big chunk of the blocks, but peeps familiar with the pattern will know that the final assembly of the blocks and the twelve kajillion little strips isn't something to take lightly. I will tell you though, I'm almost looking forward to the Y-seams and intricate piecing after the twelve kajillion square in square blocks and the measurements to 1/8"!

This block took four or five or twenty times longer that I felt it should. 16 HST units. It's not like HSTs are something I have never seen before, and yet...

This one also took a chunk of time, but that was to be expected. I think I counted 41 pieces of fabric in this 8.5" unfinished block?

And the filler blocks. OH, the filler blocks. If I'm counting correctly, I think I have three more big blocks left, and twelve more filler blocks. *sigh* And then I have to start cutting strips, and I have no idea what to do for that. I really really hope this quilt is as amazing as I had hoped. It will definitely be the most intricate (and scrappiest) quilt I've pieced.

I am 98% sure I will not finish this before the end of March, and I'm 98% sure I won't have my Tula Pink City Sampler quilt done either, but I am happy that I worked on both projects and pushed them farther along towards completion.

How is your FAL list coming along?


  1. HSTs can really take a long time, especially if you are carefully selecting your fabrics and not able to use duplicate fabric pairs in a block. I am amazed at all the hard work that goes into a Farmer's Wife quilt, and it will be fun to see yours come together. It might not be March, but you've got this! :)

  2. I read about the troubles of this damn quilt and then at the end, where you asked about FAL list, I read FAL as FAIL list and I laughed because of this damn quilt. ha!

    I've completely stalled on my FAL list. I do know I'll get 2 finishes because I made two items minis for swaps which are due around the time of the end of the quarter but despite how gung-ho I was about my list to begin with now I'm just all meh.

    This quilt though!!! I know I've sewn my triangles together for those HST blocks but they're still in a string somewhere and if can't find that then I'm probably going to have to do them again, noooooo. It's completely put me off any other Jen K pattern and secretly I hate all the love she's getting for patters and her fabric line lol. This is so badly written, and not even just wrong measurements but the layout (some of those square in a square in a square in a square blocks have the measurements for bigger ones smushed in as an afterthought with the small ones, and I have no idea how I'm going to talk myself into wanting to finish this off again!! I want to though just because the pattern is so expensive and I don't want that money to go to waste lol.

  3. Honestly, you are a better woman than me! I haven't had the mental stamina to go back to this quilt once I got to the filler blocks. I can't figure out what size they are supposed to be, and it's a huge impediment to me moving forward. I am afraid I'm going to spend all of that time working on it and make all of those filler blocks too big or too small! Clearly people have figured it out, but I'm a big chicken! Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

  4. Ok, it sounds like this is similar to a sampler quilt and your feelings towards are like mine to a sampler quilt I began three years ago. I stalled, and I'm still stalled, and now I don't even love it anymore! But, I know you did finish this one. YAY! I'm going quite well with my FAL, my first time participating. I just have to get a couple of tops off to the long armer and hope they're back before the last week in March so I can get the binding on. Then a couple of small things to finish myself.


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