Sunday, May 31, 2015

I am a 241 Tote Addict.

I might need a support group. I've finished my fourth? fifth? 241 tote. I might have a small addiction to them. But I can't HELP it. I really do love this bag, and I really really love my most recent iteration too. But not as much as my Melody Miller one, thankfully, since this one isn't staying with me either!

I caught sight of an awesome cool crane block on the Stash Bee blog, and I immediately knew I needed to make one, and for my BFF. I had originally planned to make her a 241 with an EPP'd hot pink Death Star in the center panel, but the dimensions didn't work out well, and I wasn't up to trying to figure out how to shrink it properly. Also, my EPP skillz were non-existent at the time. I'd feel much more comfortable attempting the pattern now that I have some under my belt.

But a paper pieced origami crane is just as awesome. The exterior of the bag is Kona black and a hot pink print that shall remain nameless because I forgot who made it.

And can I just say I hate interfacing? I HATE INTERFACING. No matter the project, no matter the type of interfacing, no matter the type of fabric. It always seems to play tricksies on me. (Evil stuff of evilness.) I will say, it doesn't look nearly so awful in person--how is that?

The interior is a bit more black and a pink polka dot. I did not use the magnetic snap, and I omitted the interior pocket.

I'll say that my BFF loved the bag, and she told me at first that she wouldn't be able to bring herself to use it. When I promised I'd make her another when this one dies, she consented.

This is finish 5 of 14 for my FAL Q2 list, woo! I'm hoping to finish at least one more item on the list before it's link-up time. Five of fourteen doesn't feel like that many, but I've made great progress on a bunch of the other projects, so that's always a positive thing.


  1. That origami crane is super awesome! How wonderful that your friend consented to use it and was super happy with it, too! :)

  2. Love this bag and especially that paper crane, the color palette is (needless to day?) so you :)

  3. Those cranes are SO much fun! I kind of need a crane quilt now.

  4. Woah - this is super cool! Love the hot pink and black together and the origami crane is perfect.


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