Sunday, August 2, 2015

Some Placemats.


I love my mama. I love my mama enough to work with fabrics with which  I...wouldn't normally work. She recently celebrated her one year wedding anniversary with this dude that I think is pretty freakin' cool. I had promised them some placemats, and I am happy to report that these are done!

Last year (ish?) I made them some pillow covers, and I also made my mama a quilt. These objects hold places of pride in their home. I mean, my mama and her husband are serious about their quilted goodness. I am trying to convince my mama that she can use the quilt, not just look at it. I am making headway...slowly.

When I said I would make them these placemats, the condition was that they had to use them...we'll see.

The fabrics came from a huge box o' goodness that my friend Lori gifted to me. She was moving and getting rid of her stash, and these conveniently match the requested color scheme. (It was super convenient as my stash is a little delinquent in this type of fabric.)

This is finish #1 from my Q3 FAL list. WOO! Back to work!


  1. What a good daughter! It's weird to work out of your comfort zone, isn't it? I like the patchwork you did -- it's simple but not what you'd really expect with such traditional fabrics.

    I have never made placemats. Perhaps it's b/c we don't use placemats. And perhaps that's b/c my children are enemies of textiles everywhere. (True story.)

  2. If she needs some help being convinced to use the placemats, let me know. I've had a set for almost 5 years and been able to get everything from wine to beet juice stains out. :)

  3. I have place mats on my to do list and I'm so excited to make them. Those are definitely not your usual colors but they're so lovely and soft. I know that I have family members that are in the "I don't want to wreck this beautiful item you've made me" camp but I tell them that if it's not ripped a bit and stained in the next 5 years then they're not loving it enough, I love knowing that the baby quilt I made for my friend is now used outside and has to have the dirt and grass shook out of it before it comes back on the couch for him to snuggle. You could always have her spray them with the 3M stain resistant spray first, I've done that with some projects like re-covering my dining room chairs but with place mats that can be thrown in the wash I would probably be more likely to wash them.


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