Friday, July 10, 2015

Q3 FAL List.

I can't remember when I first joined in with the FAL, but I do know that it's been a really positive thing for me. I love making lists--the longer and more complicated, the better--and checking items off of them makes me positively giddy. Whenever I'm unsure of what to work on, I pull up my list and pick something off of it. What I mean by all of this is that I've found something that keeps me accountable, and quilty friends, you know that's a good thing.

I managed 7 finishes from my proposed list of 14 for Q2. Since that list was gigantic scary, I'm pretty stoked about my results. I also managed to make decent progress on some of the other items on the list, so all in all, Q2 went well. NOW. Q3. I have SERIOUS plans to rock your socks off. (You know, if I can ever find time to use my machine!)

1. Shirt for my Husband.
Have pattern and materials

2. Small bag for my Husband
Have pattern and materials

3. Dad's Quilt
Blocks are done, need to sash

Have pattern and materials

5. Quilt for my Memaw
Top is done

6. EPP Table Runner
Have pattern and materials

7. Gypsy Wife Quilt
Hand quilting is 65ish% done

Have pattern and materials--Take 2 of Felicity Dress

I'll cap it at eight. I have four other quilts in the wings, but I'm 98% sure I won't start them in the next three months. I'm linking up!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

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  1. The shirt fabric for your husband is so fantastic. You two make me smile!! :) and 65% done with your Gypsy wife hand quilting? Awesome! I also cannot leave the 7/14 finishes for Q2 un-commented upon: sweet!


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