Saturday, July 11, 2015

Messenger Bag Finish.

I haven't had a lot of sewing time lately--and that's okay, because there are plenty of awesome reasons why I've been away from my machine. However, I feel like what I've been producing in my limited time hasn't been fun and exciting. I feel like Studio HPQ has been a little boring of late!

But FRIENDS. That totally just changed. I finished THIS bag. And it's one of my favoritest things I've ever made.

And it's not for me. *Sigh.* I told my husband many many many many many months ago that I would make him a messenger bag. And a button down shirt. And some bowties. And the other day he asked if I'd make him a smaller bag for his iPad. And I said YES. Because I love that dude, and when he asks me to make him something, how can I say no? But it's time to knock out some of that list, and I started earlier this week by making him a sweet bowtie out of a small bit of Juliana Horner fabric that I was saving for a mini quilt. Then it was bag time.

This bag was a struggle in some regards because I couldn't find a pattern that had everything I wanted. And my bag making skillz trembled at the prospect of drafting one from scratch. So! I used this tutorial by Heart of Mary and this tutorial by Crazy Little Projects and then used my own measurements and added some other stuff that wasn't in either. My bag has three exterior pockets, one interior zipper pocket, and one slip pocket designed for pens.

First, the noticeable mistakes/problems/things I'm not 100% pleased with:
1. The handle is probably too long. But I didn't have my husband to measure it by.
2. I placed the slip pocket a little too high in the interior.
3. Also, I used fusible fleece, but it doesn't have a ton of structure--I think next time I'd want to use something like Soft and Stable to give it a bit more oomph.

As to the things I DO like, oh man. That lion fabric! The placement of the lions on the front was a complete accident, but I heart it something fierce. I also love that it looks like a bag, not like something I threw together in a hodge-podge manner. (And since it took about a KAJILLION hours to make, it had better.)

I would love to make another...but I need a bit of a break first. (Also, I have a bookshelf bee block I need to churn out and a mystery quilt for which I need to cut fabric.) One day, there will be a snazzy cool messenger bag for me too.


  1. The lions are very fierce and the positioning is so perfect under the flap. As I was reading I was wondering if there is some kind of clip or slide you could add to the strap to help shorten it up a bit... and then I ended up watching a bunch of YouTube videos and getting sucked into a time vortex and have nothing to suggest or help. ;)

  2. I think it's so cool that your husband wants handmade goodness. And -- eep! -- these C&S lions make for such a handsome messenger bag. Well done, my friend.

    Your process of finishing a bag and then critiquing it -- noting the couldas, wouldas, shouldas -- is much like my own. Perhaps that's why I tend to make bag patterns again and again. After a go or two, I realize how I can make the bag more functional for me. I say, give it another go -- but the next one should be for keeps! : )


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