Monday, July 20, 2015

Checking In.

There is something about starting a new quarter that really makes me review what plates I have spinning. (And wow. Do I have a lot of plates spinning!)

I have two major long-term projects in progress--my Gypsy Wife quilt and my City Sampler quilt. As I'm handquilting my GW quilt, I imagine it won't get much attention until the fall. It's just too hot to sit underneath it and stitch away. My CS quilt needs 4-5 yards of background fabric to set the blocks, and I don't want to start setting them until I can devote my full attention to that project. Since both of these projects are for me, they are low on the priority list.

I have two quilt tops waiting for action. The first is my Memaw's quilt top, pictured above. Call me crazy, but I'm considering tying this one. As for the second, my daddy's quilt, I just finished it--pics on Friday!--and I'm waiting to make a decision on how to quilt that one as well. It might be headed to the long-armer to save me some time--I'd like to have it finished before I see him next.

I have a bunch of small projects in the works, including this pair of socks--my first!--that I cast on a couple of days ago. I also have an EPP table runner, a set of four placemats, and a small pincushion to finish up.

Then there are the new projects waiting in the wings. My fabric for the Midnight Mystery Quilt is almost ready. (I need to purchase and cut a bit more lime.) I have another baby quilt to start. I have a dress, a shirt, and a couple of bags to make. My oldest son will be attending a homeschool co-op that starts in a month--should I make him a backpack?

Eep! There is never enough time, but I'm definitely feeling it today! If your to-sew/WIP list a kajillion miles long?


  1. My list feels like a mountain today, especially since I have been devoting so much time sitting at my computer hosting the blog hop for new quilters this year. *Deep Breath* We can do this, and I am super excited to see the quilt top for your dad. :) I think you are wise to know your limits and that some projects are meant for cooler weather!

  2. I cannot wait to see your Stash Bee Quilt!!!! :) :)

  3. Your GW quilt is going to be so amazing with all that hand quilting! And I'm totally excited about the knitting :D I'm always trying to convert my friends to knitting. Your socks looks great so far!

  4. As I read your post, I took a mental inventory of all that I've got in the works and what I've just committed to adding to that list. Sometimes I think we quilters are absolutely nuts...but then I remember that we get to play with pretty fabric and I squash that thought immediately. Speaking of pretty fabric, I am in love with all of what you've been working with!

  5. Loving the fabrics you chose for the Midnight Mystery quilt! I have mine all cut out (it's all scrappy) and am impatient for the next step now :D

    I really need to finish up my Gypsy Wife quilt top... every time I see someone working on theirs it reminds me that I need to finish up those last few blocks! Yours is going to be magnificent when it's finished :D

  6. I have to admit, seeing your list in writing gave me a bit of anxiety. Especially because then I started thinking about my own WIP list, and I just needed to stop. And breathe. And say, it's summer. Eventually, things will get done. I hope. lol! The gypsy wife quilting, while on hold for the summer, is looking lovely. From what snippets I've seen here and on IG, I think it's really special. The socks are also coming along! Can't wait to see ALL of these projects as they move from the WIP pile to the finish pile! But for the backpack, I vote for PB Kids! :)


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