Friday, January 15, 2016

FF: Kim's 2nd 241 tote

For Christmas 2014, I made my friend Kim a 241 tote. She went with me to my LQS, and we picked out fabrics so that I would make her a tote she would really really love. AND THEN. Disaster struck. The front panel of her bag got some sort of crazy rip, and she was oh so sad. And rightly so because that bag was totally boss. I mean, she got a good 10-11 months of almost daily use out of it, but still. it was devastating.

I had this idea--why not make her a near identical bag for Christmas this year? So I did. I was able to find the same floral print at my LQS, and the same pocket print, and I used a green dot from a Bonnie and Camille line for the side bits. (Speaking of those side bits, I recently saw a 241 on instagram with quilted side panels and it was divine. I so want to try that out sometime.)

Other than a couple of different fabric placements, I also put a zipper in on this one. My first zipper on a 241, which is slightly shameful since I've made about a million of them. The zipper insertion was cake, especially now that I have an actual zipper foot, but I will say, having to wrangle zippers using a regular presser foot has given me some skills.

(I *might* have another 241 planned, and I *might* have purchased a zipper--or two!--for that one as well.)

The inside is more of the green dot and the focus print, but I used some mini pearl bracelets in hot pink for the slip pocket. I also added a magnetic clasp on this version--the previous Kim bag didn't have one.

Once again, I used fusible fleece interfacing, and once again, I loved it something fierce. I loved the first Kim 241, but I love this one MORE.

This is finish #1 from my 2016 Q1 FAL list. Hooray!


  1. This is a lovely bag! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  2. Very pretty! Beautifully made too.


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