Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February Bee Block

This weekend, I had the privilege of starting and finishing my February Stash Bee block. The block was wild and fun, and I had a lot of fun sewing it together. (So much fun, that I might have started a rainbow log cabin project. Because of course I did.)

I also had the privilege of sewing the last few inches of binding down on my father's quilt, and today I hope to finish burying threads and sew a label to the back. I've stepped out of character and sent him a few progress shots as I've worked on it, and it seems as though he likes it a lot! Hopefully I'll have some photos up this week.

It snowed yesterday, and it's snowing outside right now, and I'm trying not to grumble. Hope y'all are well!


  1. What a fun bee block for the month, and I love that it inspired a new project for you. :) Oh my, you are soooo close to finishing your dad's quilt. I am sure he is going to love it, and I look forward to more photos. Hang in there with the snow. I am not a huge cold weather fan, either. No wonder you want more quilts!!

  2. Wasn't the block fun?! You certainly weren't the only one to start your own project after making this for Jacqueline!! Look forward to seeing your Dad's quilt.

  3. Such a fun block! Love it! I can see why you want more...


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