Saturday, March 19, 2016

March Stuff.

Friends, my time at the sewing machine has been extremely limited of late. Combine that with a secret sewing project I've been working on behind the scenes (full pics next week!), I have little to show for March.

Pixie basket from hoarded Lizzie House scraps.

March Stash Bee Block for Jane. I felt almost like I was playing with paper dolls as I was picking out my cowboy's outfit. (As you can see, he has NOT been wearing sunscreen.)

First knits ever project. It was stressful, but this is now the most comfortable shirt I own. The top collar is a little wonky, but the fabric felt tissue paper thin, and I'm just happy I turned out something wearable. Next time, use a thicker knit, Audrey!

I'll be back next week with my fun reveal. Until then, I hope y'all are well!


  1. I absolutely love your shirt! It looks fabulous. Your sewing time might have been limited, but it's been fruitful!

  2. LOL about the sunscreen comment for your cowboy, Audrey! Your knit shirt looks perfectly cozy (and hot pink, but of course!). :) I'm very excited about next week. :)


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