Monday, June 27, 2016

Projects in the Work

I know about a trillion women who are pregnant. That may be a slight exaggeration, but I promise you, it's only a slight one. I might actually only know a million. And people are getting added to that number daily. Seriously, I found out yesterday that two more friends are expecting. Dude.

That means that you will probably only see baby quilts emerging from HPQ land in the next few months. I have some exciting plans for these particular bambinos, and thankfully, I like baby quilts, even if I'd really really really like to finish my bed quilt.

This is baby quilt #1 in the works. Rainbow log cabins, low volume sashing. I feel like the hard part of this one is done, but I don't have the LV in stash to finish off the top. SHUCKS, I guess I'll have to visit the fabric store. My life is SO hard.

Fabric pull for baby quilt #2. I'm REALLY excited about this one, but I need a bit more LV fabric to achieve the scrappy pull I'm dreaming of.

And oh, the curtains. (And EPP.) This weekend, my husband will hopefully be getting the rest of our curtain rods installed, which means I should REALLY finish up the curtains I have in the works. That poor man. I feel like he goes to work, comes home, and I have a kajillion tasks for him to do. Build furniture, install curtain rods, fix stuff, buy stuff, haul stuff, lift stuff, etc. But I think the end of that is in sight as we've almost completely cleaned out the years of overgrown foliage from our massive yard and cleaned a ton of junk from the property, including numerous broken beer bottles and other random detritus that is unsafe for small kidlets.

Friends, I'm tired. The move was exhausting. The resulting work on the home and property was exhausting. But now, as I start to think about where I want to hang up my mini quilts and artwork, what kind of curtains would best serve our living room, and what kind of language arts curriculum is really going to be the best fit for my six-year-old this fall, I'm realizing that most of the hard stuff is behind us. This house is shaping into a place for us, and that is definitely exciting.


  1. I'm so glad that you are starting to feel settled in. And dude, I hear you on baby quilts and the number of people expecting! Thankfully baby quilts are fun and such a joy filled project to work on. I love the rainbow logs and it sounds like a bit of LV stash building is definitely in order for you. Let me share my latest LV stash crush with you:

  2. Great to hear that things are falling into place in your new home - and the fact that you're sewing at all is amazing. Good luck with all your baby quilts ... and that curriculum!

  3. I was feeling the same way for a while with all of the people I knew having babies! There had to have been something in the water at my old job.


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