Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Q4 2016 FAL List.

The first six are items that I didn't finish last quarter. (I finished eight and scrapped two, so I'm calling Q3 a success.) And then some new ones, woo!

1. Negroni shirt for husband 
I completed a muslin that was waaaaaay too big. 
I need to make another before proceeding.

2. Midnight Mystery Quilt
Top needs to be sent to the long armer

Medallion Quilt--top is done

This bad boy is at the long-armer. 

5. Dress for E
Geranium Dress pattern - pulled fabric; I'm going to be attempting a knit version.

6. Dress for Vanilla
Geranium Dress pattern - pulled fabric

7 & 8. Costumes for Banzo and Lito
 Pulled fabric--I'm planning to modify a pair of maxaloones and make a knit shirt

almost done with this one--then need to figure out how to block it, eep!

10-13. Secret Sewing for Holiday Gifts
 pulled fabric, have pattern and plan of attack 
Boo's DONE

14. Quilt for Baby P
I'll be using one of my own designs and color palettes from the #30daysofquiltdesign challenge.

15. Quilt for Baby K
I'll be using one of my own designs and color palettes from the #30daysofquiltdesign challenge.

16. Quilt for Baby S
Here goes another Northern Lights pattern featuring solids!

This list is a big stack of dreams as Vanilla arrives next month and who knows what my sewing time will look like then! But Audreys are known for their dreaming prowess, and I am a girl who lives up to my name. If you're joining in the 2016 Q4 FAL, I wish you the best of luck on your finishes!

I'm linking up! 
2016 FAL


  1. You should definitely put Vanilla on your list to finish too, for obvious reasons. LOL.

  2. How awesome that you will be using your own designs for 2 of the quilts! I love that so, so much!!! <3

  3. Wow, quite a long list - so sending lot's of motivation. The projects look great so I hope you will enjoy the sewing and get a lot done.

  4. yay, you'll be busy :) Good luck!

  5. Oh good luck Audrey!!! Such lovely fabric in these photos you are going to have a whole load of fun ..... but then again your hands will be full of something else altogether different soon!!


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