Saturday, October 29, 2016

Vanilla's Quilt in Progress

After what I think was a successful spray basting session--or at the very least, what I hope was successful--I've commenced the quilting on Vanilla's baby quilt. So far, it's involved seven different types of thread, three different sewing machine feet, and by-the-seat-of-my-pants creativity.

I cannot get over echo quilting. I just can't. So that's what I spent a lot of my start doing, and let me tell you, it involved a lot of quilt turning around those NY Beauty wedges! I would do a bit at a time to make sure my back and shoulders didn't punish me later. (And even then, I spent some time with a heat pad and/or ice pack, but that could also be the whole, eight months pregnant thing.)

The straight line machine quilting came along really nicely, and I love this shot from the back. I didn't think to snag a picture after I added the FMQ in two of the corners, but I added a triangular meander to two opposite corners.

And then I jumped right into handquilting the center, as I haven't completely decided what to do with the friendship stars just yet. I'm using perl cottons, which I adore--I love the chunky texture and uneven stitches up against the machine stitched bits.

The center portion of the medallion is now complete, and you can see I did some infinity loops in the first border. I need to figure out a plan for the other borders, then attack!

I may not finish the quilt until after Vanilla arrives. I had an appointment a couple of days ago, and Vanilla is doing well. Oh, and she's locked and loaded and sitting really, really low. While I could still make it to my due date (later in November), it's highly likely she'll come before then. Given my history, and the fact that my three sons all came long before their due dates, it seems prudent to make sure everything else is ready to go. So we've been doing a lot of prepping around here. Laundry, carseat installation, laundry, hospital bag packing, trying to figure out a name, and MORE laundry. I keep thinking we're almost done--minus the tiny matter of not having a name picked out thing--but then I think of more stuff I need to do!

I'll keep you posted!


  1. I love the progress you have made on Vanilla's quilt. The hand quilting detail is such a fantastic touch. I am amazed at how productive you have been through this pregnancy, and I hope you can get everything done before Vanilla arrives.

  2. Hey Audrey! Such a lovely quilt and fantastic quilting so far! I am envious of your perseverance and your quilting ideas and ability! I am severely lacking in that department! Best of luck on the quilt and preparing for baby Vanilla!!

  3. The sneak peeks of quilting look lovely, fantastic job so far! I've just began dabbling in hand quilting and there is something so charming about big stitches. :) Good luck preparing for little Vanilla Bean's arrival! :)

  4. The hand quilting is just perfect. You're right about how it's the perfect machine stitching next to the rough and ready hand stitching that adds an oomph (not that your hand stitching is rough, but you know what I mean!!)
    That said I'm amazed your still doing proper fmq when 8 months pregnant. No wonder your back aches!! Hope Vanilla keeps treating you well. Try to get at least a little rest before she gets here xx

  5. This is beautiful! Especially love the bits of hand quilting. Can't wait to see more of this. Good luck making more progress before Vanilla's arrrival!

  6. The progress is looking good ♥


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