Saturday, January 14, 2017

HPQ Sewing Nook

Seven months after moving into this house, I finally have my sewing nook kind of settled, and I thought I'd share it with you. This space also serves as homeschooling command central, but as you can see, the fabric and notions and fabulousness of sewing is waging a good war against the school books and supplies.

This is my favorite spot, as it has my mini quilts and thread and my sewing tool organizer that has definitely stood the test of time.

With four kidlets--or as my BFF calls them, my clients--I am having to squeeze sewing time in where I can. Sometimes, I only have enough time to cut a few pieces, or iron a cut of fabric or hunt hunt hunt for that elusive pattern piece that I still cannot find. I could see myself getting frustrated with the lack of sewing time, but my clients are a good bunch, and I do genuinely enjoy the SAHM/homeschooling gig. (Most of the time.)

This wall of lovely is the creation of my husband. Well, only the wall itself--all of the fabric goodness is mine with the exception of that stunning lonestar made by Alison for the Coast to Coast Traveling Quilt Bee. My most awesome husband put this together for my Christmas gift, and I can say I am thoroughly enjoying my first design wall. My nook is just off the kitchen, and the mess of color cheers me up when I'm cooking.

Here is the progress I made a couple of days ago. Some cut fabric on the right, and additional fabric on the left that I pulled for this project. I am hoping for some good nap time today to get a bit more done on this project, but we'll see. The baby still sleeps a ton, but the two-year-old has been battling a cold, and nap time hasn't been as long or awesome in the last few days. I've still got to find that pattern piece too!


  1. So jealous!!! I've barely begun settling into my sewing nook. Looks like a great space to squeeze in a few minutes as often as possible!!!

  2. Such a cheery little nook! Love the minis and the design wall. So much fun color and it looks well organized. And the little ironing area is an awesome idea!

  3. Oh, what an awesome design wall. Thanks for sharing your space; it's fun to envision you working in it!

  4. So happy to see this little space! And seeing my triptych hanging in the corner made me sniffly (in a good way). ;)

  5. Such gorgeous colourful items on your wall of lovely!!! Great that you are able to snatch the minutes during the day whilst home schooling your clients!


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