Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Q1 2017 FAL List

Lots of rollover from Q4 as last quarter, my biggest finish was having a baby! I'm still not getting in too much sewing time, but it's fun to imagine what I might accomplish this quarter.

1. Negroni shirt for husband 
I've actually made progress on this! I made a second muslin, and it was too small. 
So, back to the drawing board.

2. Midnight Mystery Quilt
Top needs to be sent to the long armer.

3. Dress for E
Geranium Dress pattern - pulled fabric; I'm going to be attempting a knit version.

4. Dress for Vanilla
Geranium Dress pattern - pulled fabric

  5 & 6. Costumes for Banzo and Lito
 Pulled fabric--I'm planning to modify a pair of maxaloones and make a knit shirt


8-10. Secret Sewing for Holiday Gifts
 pulled fabric, have pattern and plan of attack


11. Quilt for Baby P
I'll be using a pattern from Tula's new book.

12. Quilt for Baby S
Here goes another Northern Lights pattern featuring solids!

13. Star Pillow
Old Stash Bee block I've been meaning to turn into a pillow cover for ages.

And I'm linking up! Join me?


  1. You can totally do all of these things! :)

  2. What a list! It all looks fabulous-good luck! XO

  3. I love that you say that all you did last quarter was have a baby - like it's such a nothing, but it took up soooooo much time. You're hilarious! E xx

  4. Good luck with all of these .... and good luck with getting the time to tackle them!!!


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