Monday, March 13, 2017

Baby E's Northern Lights Quilt

You could say I'm a fan of Jaybird Quilts' Northern Lights pattern. You could say that, and you would be right since this is my FOURTH time making this particular quilt! But this is the first time I got to make one for a girl, and I really enjoyed this fabric pull.

I had originally tossed around some other quilt pattern ideas, but I made a Northern Lights quilt for Baby E's cousin, so it seemed fitting that I make one for Baby E too.

And while this is my fourth time making this quilt pattern, it's the first time that I actually did something fun with the quilting, which is kinda shameful, but we'll ignore that. For the first three, I echo quilted the lightning bolts. For this one, I added some FMQ spiky stippling. I purposefully chose Kona Charcoal for the background so that the bobbin thread would be really noticeable and scrumptious.

And here's a better shot of the quilting. I also chose to bind this quilt in Kona Charcoal, which I think lends it a nice frame.

This is my fifth finish from my Q1 FAL list, and my first quilt finish. I have another baby quilt up next to finish, and then NO BABY QUILTS for awhile. Exciting!


  1. This looks so fantastic! I love how the different colors of thread show up on the dark backing. :)

  2. The charcoal is a wonderful frame for it as a binding and the quilting looks scrumptious indeed! :)

  3. I love this quilt so much! The colors and the texture are delightful. But the hands.... The disembodied hands will haunt my dreams....

  4. This is stunning! I have made this pattern before and understand why you like it so much - it DOES go together so nicely and is a wonderful finish. But your use of color here takes it to a new level! Just beautifully done, and I really like your quilting on it.

  5. Wow! This a stunning quilt! Well done on another finish A! Jxo


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