Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Churn Dash - 15" Finished.

Hi Friends! I really appreciate the response I got yesterday on my call for churn dash blocks. Hooray! I've decided to go with a 15" finished churn dash in hopes of getting 16 blocks for a 60" square quilt.  White background fabric (any kind is fine, but I'm using Kona White) and some sort of bright fabric to make a churn dash like this one:

(We had a brief spot of sunny weather, but as you can see, we are back to crummy overcast yuck.)

I know the churn dash is a pretty standard block, but here is a refresher course just in case. However! Before you start cutting your fabric based on the linked tutorial, those measurements are for a 12" block. To make a 15" finished block, you'll need:

Fabric A (aka, white background fabric)
  • 5.5" square (1)
  • 6" square (2)
  • 3" x 5.5" rectangle (4)
Fabric B (aka, bright happy fabric)
  • 6" square (2)
  • 3" x 5.5" rectangle (4)
That's it! Easy peasy, right? Thanks again to everyone who is sending me a block, and I'll be sure to post progress shots as I get the blocks sewn together.

And because I couldn't wait to get started on something for the Washington, IL quilt call, I started piecing this top yesterday and finished it during nap time today. I saw a version of this quilt on Diary of a Madfabriholic, and I knew I wanted to make a version sometime. I didn't expect I'd be making one so soon! It's a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial by Katie of Swim, Bike, Quilt, and I used one pack of Sweetwater's Noteworthy with Kona Coal for the background. I feel like the Coal is a bit too dark, but I had a bunch on hand, and that's how things work in this casa.

This top came together in no time! I didn't get too scrappy with my stripes. Katie had recommended cutting the pieces into different lengths, but I was trying to conserve as much fabric (and time) as possible, so I cut a handful of strips into 2.5" squares and intermixed them with the 2.5" x 5" pieces. The one charm pack almost got me through the entire quilt, though I did have to throw a few random pieces of fabric in at the end--one at the top that is really noticeable, oops! Even still, I'm pleased with the quilt top. Now, sandwich, quilt, bind, then done!  That's take like...two minutes, right? Right.


  1. Yaaay! I'll get a couple done over the long weekend and send them out Monday :) Just need an address!

  2. Love it. Noteworthy is one of my favs. And I have Kona and Moda white on hand for the churn dash (obsessive) (:

  3. I can get 2 done and in the mail to you next week. Bright fabric? No problem. And I'm fairly certain there's some Kona white hiding somewhere in my sewing room!

  4. Really like that dark coal as background. It's a really nice contrast to the colours in the patchwork.
    E xx

  5. Hmm I've just bought a layer cake of that noteworthy fabric and am looking for ideas to use it. Maybe this is it?


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