Wednesday, June 27, 2018

C2C2: Stephanie's Quilt

It has come to my attention that I still have not one but TWO Coast to Coast Traveling Bee quilts in progress to share with you! I've actually finished up my commitment to that bee for this year, and this year's quilt tops have me soaring with excitement. BONUS: I can't WAIT to get my own quilt back!

First, up, Stephanie's quilt. I lucked out and found Stephanie's original blog post showing her quilt start and a bit of her inspiration. Stephanie shipped it to K, who shipped it to Chelsea, who shipped it to me, so I'm the fourth person who had the privilege of working on this lovely.

This is the bulk of Stephanie's quilt as of now. You can see her original trees, and also the flying geese K added and the tulips from Chelsea. I added a row of butterflies down the right side to follow along with the nature prompt. I felt like there was a lot of plant life, so we needed some insect life too.

I had so much fun picking out the fabrics for the butterflies. I kept the bodies the same fabric, but each butterfly had different colored wings.

But I didn't feel right about just sending the super fun to piece butterflies, so I went back to the cutting board...

...and churned out a row of Ohio stars. Of course, I did my quilty math totally wrong, and instead of fitting over the top of the quilt, it hung seriously over! Thankfully Alison, the next person in the chain, is a total peach, and she said she'd add the stars for me after making her own additions. Whew!

I'm not gonna lie, I struggled with the theme for this one. Not because it was particularly hard, but the prompt was nature, and I am SO not a nature-y kind of girl. Have any of y'all seen the Jim Gaffigan sketch on camping? I think it's in his King Baby special, but the line that always sticks out to me is when he says he's "indoorsy." SPOT ON, Jim Gaffigan. I'm not a nature kind of girl, I'm just indoorsy.

I'm starting to think about round 3 of the bee...sure, it's only June, but I'm a planner! Hopefully I'll have Alison's quilt to share with you next week!


  1. I, too, am indoorsy! I absolutely love what you added to this quilt and I am excited to start working on this quilt soon! :D

  2. I think the butterflies are awesome and I look forward to seeing what Alison adds and how she works in the Ohio stars.


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